3 Tips to Create an Amazing Self-Service Portal

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Customers trust brands that appreciate and care for their needs. If you are one of those brands that want to deliver perfect customer service make sure to use self-service portals. These portals allow businesses to inform their prospect and troubleshoot problems promptly.

With the help of a self service portal, you can empower your customers to solve their problems efficiently. This will also help you reduce costs and allocate a lot more funds to projects that grow your business.

If you are interested in setting up a self-service portal of your own, consider the following tips.

What self-service portals offer 

Self-service portals are the new way that businesses offer unparalleled service to their clients. On these portals, customers can easily access all pertinent information, review their transactions and get support without having to speak with customer support representatives.

In addition to that, this platform can enable your customers to change their password easily and on top of that, find solutions for problems that might have occurred with a product of yours.

Why it’s necessary for businesses

Businesses that want to always be available for their clients know that it’s quite easy to go over budget. The customer service department and its employees will require a lot of funds. And, if you are a small business that cannot afford a whole department dedicated to customer service, having a service portal is your best option.

This is like having a 24/7 customer service department operating just for the needs of your clients. While the self-service portal does its magic, you can focus on projects that generate money for you.

How to set up the perfect self-service portal

Now that we know the importance of having a self-service portal for businesses, it’s time to talk about how you can set up one properly.

Add the right content

Before you launch your portal, quiz your most loyal customers to find out the most common issues with your products or services. Once you figure them out, you can easily create content that will help users find the right solution.

Make sure that all the written content on your portal is readable and informative. Avoid fluff content that does not help readers find solutions to their problems. After all, this is not a blog. In addition, consider using an AI live chat service so that customers can find answers much faster.

And, after you launch your portal, don’t forget to ask its users for reviews. You can do this via popups or by sending survey emails to your registered customers.

Keep it up to date 

As time passes, your business will grow. And with that growth, your business will see more and more products. As your product inventory expands, you will have to update the content of your self-service portals. 

As soon as you release a new line of products, consider updating your portal so that new clients can find all the right information that they might need. In addition, your portal should be easy to navigate. No one has the time to turn every rock just to find a piece of information. 

Add features such as search bars so that your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for. And lastly, include contact information so that your clients can inform you about new problems that have occurred.

Let your customers know about it

Even if you have the most perfect self-service portal, it’s useless if your customers are not aware of its existence. For this reason, add links leading to your portal on all your websites and social media platforms. And on that note, make sure that your self-service portal is alike your official website. This is a no-brainer as it will represent your official brand and your business.

If you are selling physical products, it’s not a bad idea to mention your self-service portal in your product’s manual as well. 

Bottom line

Having good customer service is the top priority of almost all operational businesses. One way to achieve that is through self-service portals. If you are interested in setting up a portal of your own, take a look at the tips we mentioned above, and don’t hesitate to offer your clients the attention they deserve.

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