4 IT Skills Every Tech Enthusiast Needs to Enhance Employability

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4 IT Skills Every Tech Enthusiast Needs

There once was a time when employers would look for hard and soft skills in potential employees. They would base future employability on judging the candidate’s industry knowledge and personal attitude. Here we introduce the details about 4 IT Skills Every Tech Enthusiast Needs.

However, now the recruitment process is no longer that simple. It’s much more complex where every candidate must show a handful of different skills to increase their chances of employment. While industry knowledge and soft skills are still core requirements, another highly crucial skill to possess is familiarity with technology. 

The technological revolution over the past decade has been nothing but brilliant. The way technology is constantly changing the dynamics of business activities proves how crucial it has become for companies and their workers. In reality, studies show that individuals with at least an elementary level of tech knowledge are much more likely to find job opportunities than those with zero tech compatibility. 

Why are IT skills essential for survival in today’s era?

Tech skills are essential for several reasons. They thoroughly increase your ability to work more efficiently, boost your productivity, and raise your confidence. Not only that, but with a skilled workforce, companies have a higher chance of obtaining a competitive edge in their respective industries. As mentioned above, companies now heavily rely on technology. Hence, employees must carry the right skill set to ensure the success of businesses. 

If you want to build on your tech knowledge, the foremost step is to acquire the necessary education. You can opt for the online MBA information technology program to expand your knowledge base and excel in your career. This eLearning option is immensely beneficial for aiding your tech skills and knowledge. The plus point about online degrees is that you can complete them without taking a break from your current job. 

Now, let’s discuss some crucial IT skills every professional needs to enhance their employability. 

Social Media shrewdness 

Social media has probably been one of the most significant breakthroughs in technology. Although initially intended as a mere connecting channel for digital users, its recent transformation into a business hub has been mind-blowing. 

Studies show that more than half of SMBs have a social media presence. Nearly 73% of marketers believe that social media has been significantly effective for businesses. These statistics prove that social media is exceedingly vital for vacancies in MNC companies. Hence, being social media savvy would only work for employees’ benefit. 

You must become familiar with all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ensure to learn about each’s functionality, the kind of traffic they draw, and the leads they can generate. You must also be able to conclude which forum works best for a specific business and which won’t be helpful. And of course, you should carry the ability to converse with potential clients, engage, and share information. 


Let’s now move on to a bit more complex skills like programming. Although programming isn’t a requisite for all roles and jobs, it is beneficial to be familiar with the basics. Coding and programming can give you helpful insight into technology, help improve your problem-solving skills and enhance your creativity. Learning programming offers career flexibility and can be highly useful in jobs you might not expect. 

It would be best to remember that coding is a universal language, widely used in several different functions. Hence, even if you are applying for a job requiring little to no knowledge about coding or programming, possessing relevant skills will surely give you an edge. 

Analytical ability 

Compiling, summarizing, and analyzing are three essential functions every company performs. As we transition into a tech-reliant world, jobs requiring constant analytical thinking abilities are on the rise. 

When an individual owns analytical skills, it shows that they carry the ability to work with data. They can easily detect patterns, identify trends, make informed decisions, and find solutions to problems. Understanding situations and recommending appropriate solutions are critical for businesses. And that is why employers value the skill vastly. It shows how quickly a person can come up with solutions and make viable decisions. 


One of the oldest, most reliable, and well-sorted out software thousands of companies depend on is spreadsheets. Some might consider it a redundant and tedious task. Still, it is vital to know how to use spreadsheets effectively to store company information. Spreadsheets ease data collection, improve data organization, and help with recalculations using the built-in formulas. These are only three of the several more reasons why several organizations value spreadsheets to a large extent.

Microsoft Excel is the leading example of spreadsheets, but several more tools have similar features, like Google Sheets and Smartsheet. Every employee must ensure that they are well-familiar with the basic concepts of spreadsheets, including beginner-level formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE, CONCATENATE, etc. 


Several surveys concluded that most employers look for technical skills in potential candidates and other relevant expertise. After all, nearly 40% of jobs now require moderate digital skills. And the statistic is likely to grow over time. 

You don’t have to be a tech nerd to learn basic technological skills. You can do so by enrolling in short courses or even by test and trial. But ensure you have enough on your plate to offer in front of an employer. Remember, when it comes to technology and employment, the more, the merrier.

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