5 Android Apps That Help To Save Money While Traveling

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Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is certainly a joy, which gives us new emotions and creates wonderful memories, but at the same time this is also a big expense. Often it happens that on a trip we tend to spend more money than we expected and fail to meet the planned budget. In order to solve this problem, we have gathered a list of 5 handy apps for android users that can help you not only to save extra money during the trip, but also make your journey more exciting.

Transportation is one of the most costly parts of any trip, however, this is hard to get away from as it is a necessity. Nevertheless, you can find a variety of alternative ways and choose from them the one that is right for you. This way, automobile rental services are especially advantageous for those who travel in a large company of friends or with a family. As an example, if you rent SUV in Dubai it will be much cheaper rather than using a cab. By renting an automobile you can save on excursions as well, because you don’t need to use transfers. Specialists of the hiring company can help to find the best vehicle according to your preferences and budget. 


Speaking of car rentals, the Parkopedia app is indispensable when traveling abroad, as it helps to find the nearest free parking spaces. All you need is to select the place and time of your parking. The app automatically offers you several variants in the required area, there are also options for the number of car spaces, height restrictions, the availability of charging for electric cars, parking lots for drivers with disabilities, and moreover an option to choose a payment method. This way you don’t have to waste any extra time looking for the perfect parking space.

Spotted by Locals

Usually, it’s the locals who can give the best tours and tell you exciting stories about a certain place that the guides don’t know about. The Spotted by Locals app collected a number of guides and excursions from locals that are also accompanied by testimonials from tourists who have been to those places. Users can create their own lists of places to visit and determine the budget in advance, as the place descriptions also include information about the cost of entry and discounts.

Wi-Fi Map

The first thing we start looking for when arriving in a foreign city is certainly the Internet. Not always there is an opportunity to immediately buy a SIM card when you just got into the country, for such cases there is an app called Wi-Fi Map. It contains information of both open and closed Wi-Fi networks to which there is free access. It’s very convenient, in this way you can always stay in touch in any country and don’t pay anything.

Trail Wallet

This mobile app is especially useful for those users who used to keep an eye on their finances and expenditures during traveling. Trail Wallet makes it possible due to the convenient daily limit function. This way, the user can take advantage of it in case they are afraid to spend too much during the first days of the trip. The app works even offline, and as soon as you connect to the net, immediately updates all the debits and credits taking into account currency exchange rates.

Organic Maps

The developers of the well-known app Maps.me. have made one more useful program for traveling – Organic Maps. The name of the smartphone app speaks for itself, with the off-line maps users can find the nearest places with artesian water springs, where they can refill their water supply for free. So that travelers can save money on buying water, as well as get a chance to explore nature in nearby areas.

Whether you’re going on a trip soon or just planning one, make sure to download these 5 android apps to explore all the useful features beforehand and make your journey more cost-effective and enjoyable.

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