5 Apps that Every Housemaker Should Have

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Are you a stay-at-home mom? If yes, you know how hard of a task it is to make up through each day, handling all, from kids to home and everything in between. But, here is the thing. You can use technology and advanced tools to make your workload lighter. 

Yes, there are many applications specifically designed to help homemakers plan and organize their tasks to avoid running behind household tasks one after another. Whether you need help with parenting, cleaning, food preparation, home chores, budgeting, or even self-care, you will find an application that eases your burden. 

However, it can be quite overwhelming to find the most suitable apps. But don’t worry because we have done it for you. In this post, you will find the best apps that can help you with different aspects of your home tasks. 

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Anyway, here is the list of apps we have discovered for you:

1. Flora- Green Focus

You would have so many things on your plate, yet you would be lured into scrolling social media pages or watching another episode on Netflix. This happens to all of us, and we can not help it. But there is an application that can help you focus and avoid distractions. 

Flora is an innovative application that allows you to input your to-do list for a day or week. Once you do it, its home screen widget will keep you reminding you of all the tasks you have to do in the day. What makes it an exclusive application is that it plants a virtual seed in a garden for you once you start working on your task.

 As you complete the task, the virtual tree is converted into a real tree with a small donation.  All of this boosts your enthusiasm and motivation to complete more and more tasks and contribute to saving the planet Earth. The best thing is that you can do social service while completing your tasks like a pro. 

2. Todoist

When you wake up in the morning, you feel stressed out thinking about the tasks that you have to complete. The urgency and added pressure baffle you, making you run around constantly without having any tasks finished. All this happens because you do not sort out your task; you do not understand what time limits you should set for a particular task. 

Therefore, you need to download Todoist, a highly-rated to-do list application that allows you to create a to-do list and check off tasks on time. This application allows you to set priority levels, favorites, and reminders, allowing you to do first thing first, and meet your deadlines without compromising on another task. 

That’s not all. This app integrates with apps, such as voice assistant, calendar, time tracking, and over 70 other tools, allowing you to keep tables on your tasks like a pro. 

Over 13 million people are using this application which is a testament to the trust instilled in the app to organize and manage their day-to-day tasks. 


FlyLady has a home cleaning website that offers great tips on keeping your home in order. From creating routines to keeping your home clean, there is everything you may need to keep your home sparkling clean. 

FlyLady is a free app, however, you can upgrade to FlyLady Plus, which has checklists to help you with what needs to be done when doing a task. Moreover, it offers missions, short tasks, motivational emails, and information to help you keep a positive approach toward cleaning and caring for your home and family. 

4. Home Routines

Home Routines pretty much works like FlyLady. It is a routine checklist app that allows you to check off your tasks set for morning, afternoon, evening, and the entire week. It has cleaning lists installed, which you can edit according to your specific needs. Also, the app comes with a timer and the zones rotate automatically.

5. Daily Expenses

Running a home and managing the funds has to be the most complicated task for homemakers. Today, when inflation is constantly going up, it has become harder to even meet day-to-day needs. But Daily Expenses can help! This is a budgeting app that keeps a toll on your income and expenses, allowing you to spend money on things you need and save the most. 


If you are a homemaker, only you know how much effort goes into managing your home and running it impeccably. Though is an arduous task, you can always use technology and applications to take the burden off your shoulders. Check out the applications we have listed for you in the article and see how it does wonders for you!

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