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Numerous electric vehicles don’t come outfitted with a motor or a customary programmed transmission. Without these parts, it might appear like there would be less parts that require normal substitution, support, or fix. However, in order to ensure that your electric vehicle continues to function properly over time, there are a few essential items that you might want to add to your maintenance list.

Realize what support is expected for an electric vehicle and how Firestone’s EV administrations can assist with saving your vehicle in immaculate condition for longer.


Your electric vehicle’s high-voltage battery pack is likely the most fundamental part of your whole vehicle. In addition to the fact that it is the influence wellspring of your EV, however it likewise sets aside you cash by discarding fuel stops (in certain EVs). Consequently, the battery pack ought to be top of brain.

Try not to Cheat YOUR BATTERY. 

Except if you’re driving for a drawn out measure of time, there’s compelling reason need to charge your battery to 100%. Albeit this might feel outlandish, reliably charging your EV’s battery to its maximum might make it wear at a quicker rate. Preferably, you’ll need to keep your battery pack’s charge in the 20% to 80 percent range.To get the more information check signalgarage.com.


Keep the battery of your electric vehicle fully charged at all times. Additionally, doing so may have an impact on the health of your car battery and accelerate degradation. Try regularly maintaining a battery charge of at least 20%.


Low temperatures can reduce your battery’s range, while heat eventually wreaks havoc on your EV’s battery performance. When the weather is bad, park under cover to keep your battery pack in the best shape possible. Your high-voltage battery pack may likewise have its own cooling framework, which could require intermittent assessment and upkeep.

2. CHANGE THE OIL (If necessary)

Do electric vehicles utilize oil? It depends, especially on what kind of electric vehicle you have. A module cross-breed electric vehicle (PHEV) with a burning motor will require periodic oil changes and cooling framework and fuel and air consumption framework reviews.

A technician at Firestone Complete Auto Care can provide you with information about your electric car’s oil change schedule, the kind of oil that is best for your vehicle, and more if you are unable to change the oil on your own.

3. Keep up with YOUR BRAKES

The motor energy that EV regenerative slowing mechanisms use makes power. This transformation of energy furnishes your battery load with more power. In any case, EVs (and half and halves) with regenerative slowing mechanisms actually have traditional erosion brakes with brake liquid, rotors, cushions, drums, shoes, and so on. 

On your EV, the conventional friction brakes and the regenerative brakes work in tandem. Furthermore, like standard vehicles, getting customary brake reviews ought to be an ordinary piece of your EV’s planned upkeep.

4. GET Standard TIRE Pivots

Getting standard tire pivots might assist with decreasing tire wear, guarantee even track profundity across each of the four tires, and possibly keep cash in your pocket by limiting continuous tire substitutions. Which is all why you ought to keep on performing tire revolutions for your ride.

EV tire rotation schedules frequently resemble those of gas or hybrid automobiles: every 6,000 miles or so. However, for a more vehicle-specific timetable, you should adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule provided by your manufacturer.

Notwithstanding tire pivots, keeping up with the suitable tension, wheel arrangement, and equilibrium of your tires might assist with supporting execution and life span.


 AS NEEDED Your hybrid or electric vehicle might still have an engine, so you might need to check the cooling system and change the oil. Although it may not have a conventional automatic transmission, it most likely has a lubricant-filled gear reduction “transmission” or gearbox.

The high-voltage power gadgets and electric engines are ordinarily cooled by a different cooling framework. The high-voltage battery pack is commonly cooled too, and that framework might utilize air from the traveler lodge, a cooling framework, or even utilize another coolant flowing framework. The fluid in the brakes and the windshield wipers will still need to be monitored. All help timetables can be viewed as in your vehicle’s proprietor’s manual.


What you put into your electric vehicle you’ll receive in return. Before making an investment in an electric vehicle, keep in mind that regular maintenance is essential to its longevity. Keep your electric vehicle running smoother, longer with electric vehicle administrations at your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care. Plan your arrangement today!

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