5 of the the Best New Android Games

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Best New Android Games

Gaming on your mobile phone has been made much easier and more innovative, thanks to technological advancements in recent years – especially those for Android. Android games just keep on getting better. With more premium game releases each month, there’s so much to choose from! If you want to find out what the best new Android drifting games are, make sure you’re always updated about new online games, and get the chance to play them all, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Pureya 

If you’re looking for a new game to play on your android that will keep you entertained and challenged, look no further than Pureya! This assortment of one of a kind mini arcade games has more than 30 original games to choose from – and they switch randomly like clockwork, so there’s no chance of boredom. The best part is that you can also play offline, and without any annoying and disruptive advertisements or in-application purchases, this game is certainly worth the entry fee! 

The mini-games incorporate everything from sports and driving games to 2D platformers and even retro space shooters, including dynamic trouble. They are appropriate for all skill levels. You can also unlock new mini-games by collecting marbles. There’s so much to enjoy, from the cute and colourful pixel art to the unique soundtracks for each game. The controls are also straightforward, with only two buttons, and you are able to play in both portrait or landscape mode. 

 Pureya only costs $4!

  1. Evoland 2 

Have you ever wanted to travel through time and explore the evolution of video games? With Evoland 2, that is actually what you get. An exciting and fun-filled nostalgic trip loaded with clever funny references to all your number 1 video games and consoles.  

 The story is an exemplary RPG adventure, however, the action takes place in card games, 2D RPGs, 3D versus battles, and that’s just the beginning. There are more than 20 hours of gameplay to keep you occupied. Evoland 2 was initially released on PC, yet this Android port has all the appeal of the original – especially with its charming graphics and support for Bluetooth controllers. The on-screen controls aren’t the best, so we recommend connecting your controller to get the most out of the advertisement free, in-application, purchase free experience. If you enjoy this game, why not look at the original Evoland game, as well? 

Evoland 2 only costs $8! 

  1. Baba Is You  

This inventive intriguing riddle game resembles nothing you’ve played before, trust me! Baba Is You is one of those games where you bargain with yourself by saying you’ll play “only one more level”, yet you go on to play ten more. It’s that addictive! The graphics and the premise for the game are straightforward: In each level, you’ll discover blocks you can interact with. These blocks represent the guidelines, and you can control and change them to modify how the level functions.  

 You truly need to play the game yourself to understand what I mean. However, there’s nothing more fun than transforming grass to lava or transforming yourself into a rock or changing the level’s objective completely. On the off chance that you get stuck, you can hit the Undo button and simply try again. You will get stuck, but at least it’ll never be frustrating or boring, just because of the unpredictable nature of the game. This game’s longevity guarantees it’s certainly worth the cost of entry. The graphics may not be the best there is, but the game is certainly fun! 

 Baba Is You only costs $7! 

  1. Sky: Children Of The Light 

For those of you who are fans of the Journey and Flower, you will absolutely love the most recent game from the same creators. Sky: Children of the Light is just as excellent as the team’s other two games. It’s an exciting adventure game, yet with a social twist.  

 You play as one of the Children of the Light, shipped off to bring hope to the realm and return fallen Stars to their constellations. The Kingdom of the Sky has seven beautifully delivered domains to explore, and you can alter your character as you would prefer prior to setting out.  

 In this game you get to talk to and collaborate with different players to take on missions, uncover treasures, save spirits, and investigate more obscure and more hazardous domains. Playing with others is a key experience here, and there’s never a shortage of players to collaborate with. However, solo play can get quite exhausting and boring! 

 Sky: Children Of The Light is free to play, but there are in-app purchases that can amount to $49. 

  1. Grid Autosport 

If you’re as tired as I am of Real Racing 3, then Grid Autosport is the racer you need. It’s an advertisement-free premium game. However, you’ll need at least 3.9GB of extra storage to run this game. 

Best New Android Games
Best New Android Games

 There are approximately 100 circuits to race through in Grid Autosport, with a vast choice of 100 cars as well. This is pretty much as close as you get to console-quality racing on Android. The controls are completely customizable, so you can pick between Tilt, Wheel Touch and Arrow Touch, or even use a controller if that is more to your liking.   

There’s cast longevity here as well, with an enormous scope of disciplines, from Endurance and Demolition to Drift, Street Races and Drag. Regardless of its steep initial price tag, you’re paying for an ad-free gaming experience with no future in-application purchases needed, and the game incorporates all the DLC, as well. 

Grid Autosport only costs $10.

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