A Lesson in Time Travel: 7 Gadgets to Make Your House Futuristic

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House Futuristic: Technological developments mean that hundreds of gadgets are adorning every home. As well as making your home look super futuristic and savvy, they also offer quick solutions to everyday problems. Gadgets are becoming a huge part of our lives, and societally we are becoming dependent on them. Here at We Buy Any House, we’ve compiled the top 7 technological and simply, cool gadgets to transport your home into the future.

House Futuristic
House Futuristic

1.Transparent TV

Upgrading your TV to a sleek, futuristic transparent TV will definitely earn you some ‘cool points’ for your property. A marvelous piece of technology, the transparent TV combines LCD (liquid crystal display), and recent TOLED (transparent organic light-emitting device) display technology. The transparent TV produces rich color images and ranges from solid black to pristine white.

2. Bediator

An energy-efficient investment, bediator’s uses smart room heating to provide the perfect room temperature during winter months when the weather is bitterly cold. Helpful when saving on bills, and more stylish than traditional radiators, bediator is a worthy gadget to include in your home.

3.Sterilizing Box

The medical-grade design is used to sterilize everyday objects such as keys, phones, and wallets. Killing 99.9% of harmful germs, the sanitizing box is a compact and efficient way to disinfect any small items that fit into the compartment. With a sanitization speed of 30 seconds, and small enough to be also used portably, the sterilizing box is a great tech gadget- especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

4.Smart Locks

What’s worse than forgetting your keys and being locked out of your own property? With this gadget, you can monitor and control your door from any location. The keyless access keeps track of who comes and goes into your property, with alert notifications being sent directly to your phone. 

5.Mirror Wall Bluetooth Speakers

The perfect gadget to upgrade your property into a futuristic home. Speakers discreetly built into the side and back of the mirror allow you to enjoy your favorite music, whilst the installed ring light makes it easier to see whilst applying makeup or shaving. Getting ready will be a lot more enjoyable and impressive after investing in the mirror wall Bluetooth speaker.

6.Intercom System

Spare your throat the trouble by investing in a smart home intercom system. No longer will you have to shout next time dinner is ready, or frantically look for your phone to make an urgent call. Using the intercom system, calls can be made to anyone whether they are inside or outside of the property- in addition to making announcements throughout the home. 

7.Robotic Chef

Perhaps the most futuristic (and expensive) gadget on the list, the robotic kitchen chef is at the top of the list in terms of advanced home technology. Using automation technology, the cooking robot learns by observation and parrots the movements of the top chefs in the kitchen industry. After a long day, or if you are simply too tired to cook, the robot chef will take over the kitchen and prepare a meal chosen by you from a list of various recipes.

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