8 Food and Drink Emojis That Will Get You Craving

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8 Food and Drink Emojis

Amongst all things, food is fuel for the body. It is nutritious, filling, and most certainly, delicious. So delicious that you will crave a certain food. Whether it is your dad’s grilled ribs or your mom’s Thanksgiving turkey, you will come back for seconds or thirds!

Some food and drinks are so good that they made their way into the emojis. It ranges from coffee emojis to vegetable emojis. Even the Israeli favorite falafel sandwich and the French breakfast staple croissant are present in the scrollable keyboard.

Emojis can help you relay the message you cannot put into words. These pictograms can also make you hungry. If the emoji keyboard is a buffet spread, you would have your fill. Read on to learn which eight food and drink emojis that will get you craving!

1. Coffee Emoji

A steaming mug of joe is the best way to start the day. But only coffee connoisseurs know the exact type of coffee they would like to drink. A shot of espresso can warm you up easily, while a huge cup of cappuccino will leave you with a milky aftertaste. You might be daring and drink cold brew coffee before dressing up for work.

Though these icons are not all available on the keyboard, you can still use the coffee emoji to get your point across. Sometimes called the hot beverage emoji, this pictogram shows a small white cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Send this emoji to people and show them you care. You can also invite a friend to hang out over coffee using this emoji. Still, the best way to use the coffee emoji is to let people know that you can never start your day without it.

2. Bubble Tea Emoji

This ice-cold Asian drink has been making waves in the west in the last few years. Everyone is suddenly craving bubble tea. Sometimes called milk tea, this concoction of freshly brewed tea with cold milk and sweet boba pearls had people lining up for hours.

There is also a bubble tea emoji. This pictogram shows a blue-lidded plastic cup with milk tea and boba pearls at the bottom. Just seeing the bubble tea emoji will be sure to make you order one right now.

When you catch up with a friend over drinks, make sure to add the bubble tea emoji. You can also use the bubble tea emoji to let people know your current choice of beverage.

3. Hamburger Emoji

Nothing beats a good burger. Imagine soft buns, flame-grilled patties, a thin slice of cheese, cold coleslaw, and your choice of condiments. It is best enjoyed when paired with soda and a giant plate of fries! This American favorite can be found in almost every fast-food chain.

The hamburger emoji shows a sesame bun with a thick beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Though the pictogram is a cheeseburger, it has been called the hamburger emoji for over a decade.

Let your cravings be known by posting the hamburger emoji in multitudes. Better yet, send the hamburger emoji to your dad and gather the family for a weekend barbecue. 

4. Steaming Bowl Emoji

Whether it is Japanese ramen or Vietnamese beef pho, a hot bowl of noodles is still considered to be the best comfort food in the world. There is something about sipping hot broth and slurping on chewy noodles that makes everything you feel much better.

The steaming bowl emoji is depicted with a red bowl, chopsticks, and thick noodles. Similar to how most Asian restaurants serve noodles! The only change made across social media platforms is the color of the bowl. Some versions even have either half of a hard-boiled egg or diced vegetables as toppings.

Try sending the steaming bowl emoji to a friend and invite them to bond over to share a hot bowl of noodles. You can also add this emoji to a rainy day post to let the people know that you need to warm up.

5. Shortcake Emoji

If you miss sweets, then a slice of cake will do the trick. Whether it’s classic dark chocolate or sweet strawberry shortcake, there is a cake that will satisfy your cravings.

The shortcake emoji depicts a decadent slice of cake topped with a strawberry. This pictogram looks as appetizing as it does in reality. The versions across the social media platforms have slight changes, like how some have strawberry jam or sliced strawberry pieces in the middle.

Celebrate a friend’s birthday by sending them both the birthday cake emoji and the shortcake emoji. You can also add the shortcake emoji to a post when you possess a certain craving. 

6. Chocolate Bar Emoji

There is probably nothing more comforting than a bar of chocolate. It can be intensely sweet, extremely creamy, and unbelievably healthy! That depends on the flavor you choose, of course. The base for most bars is either dark, milk, or white chocolate. Fillings can vary too, from wafers, nuts, and even lemon zest.

The chocolate bar emoji shows a half-opened chocolate bar in a red wrapper. Though there is barely any difference, some versions of the emoji have a sliver of the gold foil wrapper.

When you post a photo of you eating anything chocolate-laden, you can add the chocolate bar emoji. You can also put the chocolate emoji along with the doughnut emoji and cookie emoji to show your love for desserts.

7. Soft Ice Cream Emoji

Ice cream is a year-round treat. It’s not a dessert reserved for the summer. With just a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream, you can top it with cookies, wafers, and even chocolate syrup. There are thousands of flavors and combinations you can make with ice cream. It is not the healthiest treat, but it is something to look forward to after every meal.

The soft ice cream emoji shows a swirl of soft-serve vanilla ice cream on a wafer cone. Though the emoji looks the same across all social media platforms, one version has a pink soft-serve instead. 

Send the soft ice cream emoji to your significant other, let them know you need your quick sweet fix as soon as possible. You can also add this emoji to a brak up post. After all, ice cream is better than a former lover.

8. Alcoholic Beverages Emojis

They say it’s not a party without alcohol. It could be right, and it also couldn’t be wrong. Alcoholic beverages come in a wide variety. There are a lot of ways to enjoy an alcoholic drink. You can take it iced, on the rocks, or even mixed in a cocktail.

There are several alcoholic beverages emojis on the emoji keyboard. These include the beer mug emoji, sake emoji, wine glass emoji, and cocktail glass emoji. Clinking beer mugs and clinking glasses emojis also serve as celebratory emojis.

Come down to the pub and invite a friend over for drinks using any of the alcoholic beverages emojis. Celebrate your significant other’s latest success by sending the clinking beer mugs or glasses emojis.

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Food is a gateway for most people. With just one dish, you will understand their life, the culture that they knew, and the environment they grew up in. Eating your grandmother’s cooking feels like a hug after a long day at work. It is why people crave certain food when they feel homesick or just need a little bit of comfort. These emojis are made for such things. Even if you cannot have it, just adding it to a post takes a little bit of the sadness aways. To find out the emojis you missed, visit EmojiGuide.com for more!

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