Some Advantages That Comes With Android11

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From the first android 1.0 beta released by Android, Google on 5th November 2007 which was eventually introduced for commercial usage the following year, September 2008, the android operating system for mobile has continued to impress users Android11.

By dishing out about 18 generations of an ever-improving operating software which has continually improved the seamless interface between apps which many people now enjoy on their smartphones

However, the recently released of the stable version of Android operating system on smartphone and mobile devices i.e., Android 11 which comes in one variant is an amazing upgrade with better and improved interface over its predecessor android 10 and other operating systems

In fact, android 11 predecessor – Android 10 which was introduced on the 13th of March and 3rd of April, 2019 for the first and second beta version respectively has its own well welcomed innovations

, for example, the introduction of dark mode which increases the efficiency of android phones battery saving thus leading to less battery consumption compared to the Android 9 pie version, Android 10 also has a new improvement over Android 9 which requires GPS permission while other apps run,  

The improved audio-video Interleave – the HDR10+ which makes multimedia play better and the addition of a fingerprint authentication module which improves phone security. Nevertheless, Android 11 has far more superior innovations when compared to previously releases of the Google android OS 

However, below are some advantages that could made you upgrade your devices to the latest version of android operating system? 

Seamless multitasking 

The latest android has about 30 API’s – one more than its predecessor which means you can enjoy a more seamless interface across your android mobile apps. For example, if you are a sports lover, you can track your favorite team match scores using some apps that could enable stay updated on the go 

Furthermore, the inclusion of the single API compare to the predecessors, the android-11 enables the users to multitask while checking the available result, you can equally search for the favorable picks from soccer to NFL and NBA picks on another app and also stream live matches on a third app without having to worry about your phone lagging.


Chat bubbles

Introduction of chat bubbles which let your social media incoming messages float on your screen! This means you can change your message notification setting so that your messages float on your screen and then you can tap-it as if to ‘burst a bubble’ to read,  amazing! Isn’t it?

Screen recording 

Android 11 allows you to record your phone screen effortlessly without having to download a third-party app.

While the iOS users have always enjoy this platform without third-party alliance, the latest android version has enable their devices to match this demand. 

All you have to do is drag the top of your screen down revealing your notification panel, then swipe to the next page and select the screen recording option which comes with a silent or voice screen record option.

Notification history 

Notifications are important but yet it can be annoying sometimes – so most users are quick to slide off notifications but by doing this one might unknowingly slide off important notifications as well. 

However, if you happen to hastily swipe off a useful notification, don’t worry as you can always go to the notification log history widgets to check missed notifications. Because Android 11, enables it device keeps notifications saved for up to 24 hours in the notification history log.

To access this option, long press your smartphone’s home screen and look down and select the second option named ‘widgets’, where you’ll see some options, swipe to the 21st option which is ‘settings shortcut’ , scroll down and select the notification log. 

Permission and accessibility 

New permissions control which allows you to grant apps a one-time access to your phone’s location, storage e.t.c. This means you can only give an app access to your phone’s data only once although you can choose to grant permissions while still using the app or deny total access if you so desire. 

Making sure that an app has no access to your phone when you are not using the app This ensures your phone’s data is secured from prying apps.

5G connectivity

Android 11 comes with a standalone 5G NR or non-standalone 5G which basically signifies that your android phones can connect with the 5G network and this earns the tag – ‘5G’ or ‘5G+’  functionality.

This is certainly a huge improvement over the 4G network and you’ll surely have the opportunity to upgrade if the 5G network is available in your area.

Dark mode auto switch

Android 10 introduces the dark mode functionality but the flaw with this function is that the users always have to manually switch the mode on and off, but with android 11, the user no longer needed to perform this operation manually. 

But Android 11 comes with an upgrade, instead of manually switching on/off the dark mode function, you can set it in auto mode which makes you pre-set when you want the dark mode on/off.

New Power Menu: 

The new power menu which you can access when you long-press the “power” button has a power off, reboot, and emergency information option. 

The innovative upgrade is that it lets you connect to smart devices in your homes. For example, you can turn off/on your garage smart bulb using your android device from the comfort of your bed. This isn’t the only upgrade on this side, as this menu also grants you a quick shortcut to Google pay for so you can easily subscribe to those services you enjoy.

Software update via Google play store 

This is an absolutely new development as the users don’t have to wait for security patches from manufacturers – which sometimes comes late.

More so, users can now download security patch updates via the Google play store without having to wait for the manufacturer’s upgrade. Although this cannot upgrade your device to the latest android version – if need be, it helps to fix security loopholes and keep your mobile phone safe.

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