Amazing Benefits of VPN for Android Phones you might not know about

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Amazing Benefits of VPN
Amazing Benefits of VPN

Amazing Benefits of VPN: A VPN is a lot more capable than extending you a hand of security and privacy while using public WiFi. Agreed that Privacy and Security are the most common and sought-after benefits of a VPN, but there’s much more a VPN can possibly offer to you. VPN’s are around for quite some time now, but people have grown a tad more cautious about their privacy VPNs have found some immense popularity in recent times. 

Some really handy benefits of VPN you might know

Though people are actively using virtual private networks, most of them are not acquainted with VPN for Android phones thoroughly. 

Hides your Information from websites and apps:

The apps and websites that we use keep a track of users’ personal data. They use it for data analytics. VPN for Android Phones restricts these websites to retrieve your personal information. They use encryption to encrypt your information, some high-grade VPNs are using 256-bit encryption that is almost impossible to breach. 

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling with a VPN:

If you too are fed up with slow internet speed despite making multiple complaints with your internet service provider then try using VPN for Android phones. A VPN encrypts the internet traffic coming from your device and manipulates its destination. 

Access geo-blocked content like Netflix and Amazon Prime:

Amazing Benefits of VPN
Amazing Benefits of VPN

Do you know that content on Netflix is displayed to you on the basis of your geographical location? You won’t be seeing the same Best Netflix content as a person sitting in Mexico or Canada. A VPN can help you here, VPN for Android Phones can disguise your geographical location. By manipulating your IP address a VPN will make your ISP believe that you are browsing the web from another location. 

But make sure that you are acquainted with the laws of the country to which your VPN is claiming your location to be. For this read the terms and conditions of the VPN for Android Phones you are using. 

Surpass Censorship while traveling abroad:

There are nations where using certain websites is banned, for instance, pornography websites are banned in India and Social media platforms are banned in China. A VPN might help you access these websites when you travel abroad. It will make the Internet service provider believe that the traffic is coming from a different location and not film your original location. Make sure to confirm if the VPN id is banned in that country because that might bring your legal penalties. 

Access local sports content:

Regional sports content is generally not accessible from far-off locations. For example, the Bundesliga that is played in Germany is not accessible from India. This is where VPN for Android Phones can help, using a VPN you can access regional sports channels. 

Surpassing Data throttling:

Internet service providers generally put a cap on your data usage, when you cross a certain limit your internet speed is limited for the time your normal data quota is replenished. With VPN for Android Phones, you can circumvent this issue, VPN rules out the data cap that an ISP puts on your data usage. As long as you are on a VPN you can use unlimited data without facing the issue of reduced internet speed. 

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