Three Essential Android Mobile Tips to Make your Device Run Smoother 

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Android Mobile Tips

The smartphone industry has gotten so competitive, there are new models of phones being released with cutting-edge features to set them apart. The battery life of a smartphone is a major casualty of the race to multitask. These mobile phones are equipped with strong CPUs and chipsets that allow them to function at a high level.

The way you use your phone impacts its battery life, because of this, we came up with the notion of providing some helpful hints within this article, so you use your android phone to its full potential. 

Remove Apps from your Device

Android phones come preloaded with a plethora of applications, you’ll be pleased with most of these capabilities but there are a couple of applications that you probably don’t want or need. If you don’t listen to podcasts, you don’t need a podcast app. It’s possible that you’ll never utilize the applications provided by your phone’s manufacturer. You may remove the app by clicking on the option to navigate to the program’s information page. If you delete all unwanted applications from your phone, this will make your device faster and that’s always a good thing. Another good factor of deleting unwanted applications is that you have more room to download the applications you really need, especially if you’re a gamer. Furthermore, if you have been looking for an online gaming site with the available chance to win money, there is a new online casino us which offers a wide range of gaming options so you never get bored.

Disable the Automatic Lighting

How many times have you noticed that the brightness or contrast of your screen has changed on its own? A feature called auto brightness may be found on many screens, many individuals may find it beneficial in theory, but it could overcompensate or change too quickly for others. You can adjust the brightness to your own preference with the brightness slider with the blue light filter, you may also be able to sleep better if you tend to use your phone just before you go to bed. 

Alerts and Notifications

If your social network or gaming notifications are becoming too much of a nuisance, you may disable them by visiting your notification settings. By touching the app’s name, you can also turn off visual and audio notifications. Certain alerts can be disabled in certain applications, while others stay active. If you’re using Facebook, you have the option of managing alerts straight from the pull-down shade, or by grouping them together.

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