Top 5 Benefits to Using Digital Signage in Healthcare

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Digital Signage in Healthcare


If you run a large facility, your healthcare practice could do with digital signage. Whether used as wayfinding displays or for entertainment in lobbies, a digital sign can exhibit instructions, schedules, and facility updates.

You can’t go wrong with one of the latest technologies; that’s why this article presents the benefits of digital signage.

1. Digital Wayfinding

Healthcare facilities can have as many as 500 beds. That’s not mentioning the number of offices and supporting rooms to cater to those patients. You can easily get lost in the maze unless you get directions–that’s where digital signage comes in handy.

You can use different types of digital signage, such as digital kiosks, to provide navigation pointers for the building.

Enhance visitors’ experience and extinguish the frustration of losing their way by using a digital signage solution. These could be digital directories or wayfinding signage.

Signage displays provide a detailed map and physician directions, allowing visitors to get to their destination easily.

2. Help patients

Use interactive kiosks to share important information with visitors, such as emergency alerts, medical advice, treatment procedures, and health tips.

Likewise, heighten the patient experience by installing digital screens displaying their healthcare providers, safety procedures, and new treatments.

Alternatively, you can use the digital signage platform to speed up the patient intake process. For instance, use an interactive kiosk to:

  • Check-in
  • Pay bills
  • Print receipts
  • Schedule future appointments
  • Update personal information records

Similarly, digital signage can act as a portal to introduce staff to patients. You can show guests and patients the names, pictures, and job designations of the people they’re about to meet.

When guests visit the cafeteria, they can use touch screen portals or digital menu boards to order their food.

3. Advertising

Speaking of useful information, all those displays are fertile ground for presenting your latest marketing material. Utilize it to spread awareness about your services, products, upcoming events, or promotions.

In such a competitive world, digital signage can help you stand out from the crowd. Create cohesive brand messaging that marks you out from your competitors. Milk this opportunity to craft memorable and powerful content that reinforces your brand to your target audience.

Imagine having a stunning video wall displaying your hospital’s logo or advertising. A video wall consists of several displays pieced together and synchronized to work as a single display.

What’s more, digital signage is one of the most cost-effective means of advertising. Once you buy the video screens, media players, and digital signage software, that’s it–no costly advertisement charges. You don’t have to pay for new posters or other marketing material; simply update the content whenever you wish.

In addition, you only display your content, you don’t have to jostle with rivals and other businesses over expensive airtime. Neither do you have to worry about obscene content–you’re fully in charge of what displays on the screens.

Finally, show your donors some love using digital signage. Instead of the usual run-of-the-mill hardware, craft intricate donor walls using dynamic content that keeps highlighting their names prominently. This should motivate other donors to make contributions, raising revenue.

4. Waiting rooms essential

No one likes to be kept waiting, but there’s a neat trick you can use to make patients’ wait bearable. You can reduce patients’ perceived wait time by using digital signage. By looking at engrossing content, a 30-minute wait can seem like only 15!

Being in a hospital is stressful–use the digital displays to ease patients’ anxiety. Exploit it by showing social media feeds or entertaining and engaging content. That should help lower anxiety and get them relaxed before their appointment.

Finally, displays can connect patients to their loved ones, providing notifications and updates about visitors.

5. Staff assistance

Digital signage can reduce the strain on staff resources by reducing the number of people required to run the hospital. Freestanding kiosks are perfect for the patient intake process, including appointment scheduling and providing directions.   

No means of staff communications comes close to digital signage in terms of comprehensive internal communication. Among other things, utilize staff-facing displays for staff scheduling, patient status, and internal memos.

Additionally, digital signage can act as a getaway for new staff training. Record a video and play it to new employees instead of repeating the same message. Equally, HR can record videos to provide recurrent training on hospital procedures and policies.

Another digital signage benefit is providing real-time data. Whether staff is in break rooms or exam rooms, it can act as an emergency alert system. It will provide crucial information such as breaking news, security breaches, or fire alerts.

Bottom line

Digital signage has revolutionized communication in clinics. Whether used in lobbies or emergency rooms, it’s the most dynamic way to pass information to patients, visitors, or employees.

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