Best Data Only Plan in Singapore

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Best Data Only Plan in Singapore

Best Data Plan in Singapore

Unlimited mobile data plans suit best for those who travel a lot, need an internet connection anywhere, and want to save more. Depending on your need, telco providers can provide you different mobile plans. In Singapore, telecommunication companies offer different bundles. It can include mobile phones or gadgets with unlimited data plans and additional services or you can get a sim-only plan.

Best Data only Plan in Singapore

Sim-only or data-only plans do not include any mobile phones or any gadgets. Telco companies will simply provide you your chosen data plan every month. Data-only plans allow you to use your mobile phone and keep your current mobile number using the new sim card that they will provide.

But choosing a mobile plan is not that hard. We listed a few mobile data plans to let you decide what is the best data-only plan in Singapore.

Data Sharing Plan

Two sim cards or two devices can share the same mobile plan with the data sharing plan. Using this plan allows you to avoid using a hotspot that consumes your battery fast.

No Contract plan

No contract plans are ideal for those users that don’t need SMS and Talktime services. It only provides the data that you need. Users can use it as portable wifi for their other devices.

Best Data Plan


E-Sim allows your mobile to get connected with a mobile data plan without using a physical sim card. It is a virtual sim card that provides you a second line on your mobile. Some mobiles are compatible with the eSim feature. These mobile phones already have embedded sim. If you want to get this service, you just need to sync your mobile phone so you can switch between two lines on one device.

Each plan includes the amount of data you prefer. It can be 20 GB of monthly data or unlimited data for an additional cost. You can keep the same number that you are using right now or request a new number.

Contact your network provider to get more options.

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