Where can you calculate the cost of a mobile application design for free? 

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The factors that determine the cost of a mobile application design are predominantly the app complexity, the platform on which it would be created, and the country in which it is being created. We have plenty of free-to-use mobile app design cost calculator using which we can easily get an estimate of the cost that will be required to get the application developed. Let’s have a detailed and comprehensive discussion on how these factors affect the app design cost:

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Application complexity:

Both the application designing and further development processes always preclude a complexity assessment. Application complexity depends on.

  1. The standards on which the design of the application has been customized.
  2. The number of platforms like web, iOS, or Android that are going to be employed in the designing of the application.
  3. Specialization and catering to the needs of the end-users.
  4. The complexity of the performance of the applications.
  5. The number of the minimum variable product and user roles while designing a customized application.

Whenever the cost of mobile application development or mobile application UI design is being considered there are always 3 complexity levels.

 The cost structure broadly covers the estimated app UI/UX design costs.

  •  Simple applications.
  • Moderate applications.
  • Complex applications.

Number of platforms involved in the designing of the application

Platforms like iOS and Android are poles apart in their operations, appearances, and user interfaces. 

An Android app should conform to various formats and computer resolutions and they need to be authorized and finalized with the iOS.

 This is the sole reason by Android application designs are costlier than iOS application designs.

There is also a decision that needs to be made on how many platforms you want your application to operate, Android or iOS, or do you want it to be designed for both platforms. 

Based on the platform selection the mobile application design cost differs. 

Cost by area

The selection of an area for the sole purpose of designing an application is a major factor in its cost. 

After all, the cost of application design is different and is assessed quite differently according to the geographical area in which it is being developed. 

This is why the same task involving application design costs are diversely different from country to country.

 Additional factors might be the working processes and the type of application designing tools that are being employed by the designers and the developers.

Expert advice of designers.

Based on the constraints and requirements of your budget and application respectively you can carefully pick up on the kind of application designer you want to employ.

 The cost of employing a professional, experienced UI/UX designer is obviously much more than those of the fresher designers for mobile applications. 

In terms of the payscale experience platform and technology expertise, many professionals are available at varying amounts of fees. 

Quality of application design.

The quality, credibility, and reputation of the company that is designing the application also has a huge impact on the cost of the application design. 

The premium quality app designing services are are a bit pricey since they include precise solutions several procedures and many years of working experience. 

There are many companies as well with various versions and ideas with an impressive portfolio being an additional bonus. 

Optimization of the mobile application designing cost.

One can easily optimize the cost of designing a mobile application with the help of these tricks.

  • Strategizing and planning the project properly one should never ignore the research analysis and discovery phase.
  • The hiring of a professional app designer and hiring services of an expert development company.
  • Full engagement of the people employed in the designing process.

Frequently asked questions about mobile application designing cost structure.

1. What is the time duration required to design an app?

The time required in the designing and development of an application is heavily dependent on many factors like the level of complexity e features of the app number of screens platforms expertise of designers in the sector.

2. How much is the charge of uae/u X designers?

The amount charged by UI/UX designers is heavily dependent on the area in which they operate. 

For example, the application designers in the United States charge 150 dollars per hour in the United Kingdom the charge is between $100 to 120 dollars per hour whereas the application designers in India charge between $30 to $40.

3. How can we be sure of the credibility of an app designing company?

Firstly one should have all the proper requirements and some application examples as references. Going further willst the selection of an app designing company one should focus on their diversification and portfolio, application designing process pricing structure, etc.


In conclusion, it can be said that the cost for developing a mobile application might not be a major issue when the decision is being made. The major issue here is that whether you want to or not want to spend your time and money on the application design. 

The cost employed in mobile application designing varies by leaps and bounds. The factors mentioned above are the major drivers off cost involved here. Therefore by creating a comprehensive list of all the requirements and prioritizing and categorizing features that you want in your app you can budget out eclerx estimation a clear approximation of the budget of your application designing and execution.

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