Call Of Duty: Warzone: 10 Pro Tips To Reduce Recoil

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Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has been one of the fascinating game series in the gaming world. The emphasis on realism, especially with weapons, provides a great multiplayer experience. The weapons react differently each time you fire in the match.

Call of Duty Warzone arms have moderate recoil patterns that are somewhat challenging to master. The recoil causes a lot of aiming issues for the players. Recoil control demands proper settings, setup, and skill.

However, you can control recoil at all ranges by learning a few settings and strategies. Here are the ten pro tips to reduce recoil in Call of Duty Warzone.

1. Change settings

There are a few settings in Call of Duty Warzone that you can change to affect recoil control. These are the aim response curve, general sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, and dead zone. Each setting can improve your ability to keep the gun in a central position while firing.

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2. Compensator

The compensator is a valuable muzzle attachment that reduces vertical recoil. It is a good option for multiple weapon types, including SMGs, LMGs, and Ars. You can pair the compensator with stippled grip tape or a tac-laser to minimize the adverse effects. Equipping a compensator implies you cannot use a suppressor unless you join it with a gun’s barrel attachment. So, it is best to pair a weapon with a compensator and a silenced gun in custom loadouts.

3. Choose the right barrel

It is good you choose the best barrel attachment that suits your playstyle irrespective of the weapon you choose. For example, the M16 Grenadier attachment offers better recoil control, increased fire rate, and incredible bullet velocity. Every barrel will not help with recoil control, so read its descriptions and use it.

4. Understand weapon recoil patterns

You need to understand the way each gun operates to reduce recoil effectively. Some guns have little or no recoil, while others are impossible to control. Each weapon has a vertical recoil, so you should pull it down slightly on the right track. With this, fully auto weapons kick left, right, or S shape. Most of the weapons in the Warzone kick up and to the right.

5. Mount surfaces

The mount mechanics are available in Call of Duty Warzone, but only experienced players make their optimum use. Mounting a surface like a window or a door frame means you can shoot accurately with lesser recoil.

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6. Controller

There are a few controllers that you can program according to your preference. Getting a top-tier controller will help you minimize the recoil to an extent. You can use thumbstick grips that prevent wear and tear and enhance accuracy in-game.

7. Use screen lag

Screen lag is a millisecond delay between controller input and the action you perform on screen. But you can fix the issue. Changing the game settings or switching to a smaller display screen can improve the reactions in-game and help you control recoil.

8. Position your mouse

Position your analog stick or mouse in the recoil’s opposite direction. The technique will become a natural reflex with regular practice. Most of the guns will turn either to the right or left or in both directions. Here, you have to reposition the analog stick or mouse in the opposite direction to counter it. Eventually, it will make you shoot in the center, which is the main aim with lesser recoil.

9. Tap fire

Do you fire your entire weapon’s magazine immediately when you engage enemies at the range? If yes, then it can get you caught when reloading. Tap firing will entail pressing the shoot button instead of holding it down. You will notice your gun will kick back slightly before resetting, and your aim will be less recoil and more accurate.

10. Ranger foregrip

The Ranger foregrip is the best option if you want to control the recoil at range with submarine guns. The attachment improves vertical recoil and weapon stability when you shoot at a longer range.


Recoil is tough to deal with in Call of Duty Warzone. But you can control it by gaining proper skills and regular practice. Practicing control and experimenting plays a key role. Following the above ten tips sincerely will enable you to reduce recoil significantly.

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