Class 7 English Olympiad

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Class 7 English Olympiad

English has become the global medium of communication. It is also the medium of instruction in most of the educational institutions present all over the world. English is also an important subject prescribed to all the classes not only in schools but also in colleges. Students are taught English from a very young age to improve their fluency. Here in this place, we provide the detailsd of Class 7 English Olympiad.

Grammar is a way of arranging words to form proper sentences. It lays a strong foundation for any language. English cannot be spoken well without the proper knowledge of grammar. Class 7 English Grammar includes many chapters such as the sentence, the noun, the noun numbers, the noun gender, the pronoun, the determiner, the adjective, the verb special- finite verbs, the verb non-finite forms, agreement of verbs with subject, the tense, the clause, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction, interjections, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, question tags, vocabulary, notice writing, message writing, dialogue writing, summary writing, comprehension, letter writing, paragraph writing, story writing, and essay writing. These chapters are taught in detail to the students.

English Olympiads are conducted to assess the understanding and performance of students in the subject. Most of the Olympiads consist of multiple-choice questions asked from English Grammar. The knowledge of all the chapters can result in better performance of the students in their exams.

The Sentence is the first chapter of Grammar. A sentence is a meaningful set of words that contains a subject and a predicate. Different types of sentences and the contexts in which they are used are taught to the students. Clauses and phrases are the important parts of a sentence that give meaning. There are many types of clauses and phrase that differ according to the situations that occur in the sentence. A noun forms the subject part of a sentence and can be defined based on types and gender. There are different types of nouns such as common nouns, abstract nouns, collective nouns in English grammar. The pronoun acts as a substitute for a noun while the determiner specifies quantity of both subjects and objects of a sentence. The adjective describes a noun or the subject and is used for the purpose of comparison. Verbs are definers of action that suggest any type of activity; they form an important part of the sentence and make it meaningful. There are auxiliary/helping verbs, finite verbs in a sentence. Any sentence in English is meaningful because of the concept called verb-subject agreement. Tense is important to define the time to which a sentence belongs to.

There are different forms and types of sentences used in English grammar. Prepositions explain the relationship of a noun or a pronoun with any other word. Conjunctions are mainly used to connect sentences and extend their meaning. Interjections are mere fillings used between sentences and have no grammatical meaning. Active and Passive voice is important in terms of speech. Direct and indirect speech can be defined through the voices mentioned earlier. The two voices and the type of speech complement each other. Direct object and Indirect object occur in these type of sentences. Question tags, as they sound, always come at the end of a question in normal or the form of an affirmative.

They provide assurance and clarity of meaning. Vocabulary introduces the students to new words that can enhance their language. Notice writing and message writing is taught to students to give them a gist of the different nuances of professional writing. Dialogue writing helps students to understand the nuances of active & passive voice along with direct and indirect speech. Summary writing helps the students to improve their skills in the language. Comprehension provides the student with an opportunity of reading a given passage and answering the questions that have been asked according to the same. It also improves the reading skills of the students. Letter writing gives the student an idea of how to compose two types of letters – formal (business/professional) letters and informal (personal) letters. Paragraph writing and story writing improve the writing skills of the students. Essay writing teaches students how to compose real passages pertaining to any given topic.

English is a vast language that has capabilities to keep constantly growing. Students should have proper knowledge of grammar to be able to confidently attend such exams. Olympiads in English generally tend to be tricky. The questions are simple but twisted in order to test the understanding and the students’ ability to rightly answer the questions. English is a flexible language that can be actively made use of by students. There are different types of approaches made to grammar. Grammar works according to strict rules that define meaning. It mainly focuses on the development of four main skills of students. They are speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills.

This has led to grammar being an important part of the English curriculum. It can help to boost the performance of the student not only in this subject but also the other subjects, as English has become the normal medium of instruction. Grammar plays a crucial role in communication too. Students have to make sure that they have revised every chapter prescribed in their syllabus. Skipping just one chapter can also lead to a bigger lag in the performance. A candidate must realise the importance of all the chapters and work accordingly so that they can get higher grades. The student who is about to take the exam can also refer to the internet in order to gather information about the topic they are reading about. There are different types of samples and tests available on the internet. Moreover, the internet is a rich source of raw materials needed for the preparation of an Olympiad. Taking up an English Olympiad will help the student analyze his/her strengths or weaknesses. The practice sessions can be modified based on the result of the practice undertaken by the student. Working diligently towards improving one’s language is the main aim of an Olympiad.

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