LG G9 ThinQ Vs OnePlus 8 – Which Phone is Better?

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Everyone is excited about the LG G9 ThinQ, especially LG Users. LG has indeed released some amazing devices in the last couple of years. We have already seen many features of Lg G8 ThinQ. So we can expect something better. LG G9 ThinQ is released in February 2020. Here in this place, you know the details about LG G9 ThinQ Vs OnePlus 8.

From many rumors, we have analyzed that Lg G9 ThinQ is going to be an exciting smartphone of 2020. Moreover, we have seen how Lg G5 was more focused on modularity, and the whole company moved from the flagship G series for some more innovations.

OnePlus 8 is also just released with many features. After the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 8 comes with a bundle of specifications. We have also seen the Comparison OnePlus 8 Vs OnePlus 8 Pro.

Camera Feature in LG G9 Vs. OnePlus 8

Camera in LG G9 will be more versatile, and there will be no bulk. Quad Camera Setup on the back of Lg G9. Depth Sensing camera, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto. Depth measuring capabilities like portrait mode. AR Applications features.

OnePlus 8 have four rear cameras and a time of flight depth sensor. OnePlus 8 Pro comes with 60MP Camera with 16MP and then 13MP.


48MP main camera and combo cameras are 16MP and 12MP.

Better Display – G9 Vs OnePlus 8

G9 comes with a waterdrop notch. There was not a significant innovation in the display of LG Smartphones, but now the company launches OLED Panel as Samsung is using the Super AMOLED. Both OLED and AMOLED are better in color accuracy and brightness.

Taller Aspect Ratio, introduce notch — true-in display cameras. G9 ThinQ does not have a slimmest of bezels.

OnePlus 8 has a punch-hole at the top of the screen. 6.65 inches screen. Fluid AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen with 16M colors.

The resolution of OnePlus 8 is 1440 x 3120 px. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Protection. The overall Ppi density is 517.

In-Screen Camera: Lg G9 ThinQ will have an in-screen camera and coupled with many hole-less speakers. Lg G8 has large bezels. So G9 is much better.

Battery Comparison LG G9 ThinQ Or OnePlus 8

As we know that Lg G8 has a 3500mAh battery with flagship standards. In G8X ThinQ, Lg has increased the battery from 3500 to 4000mAh. Similarly, in LG G9, ThinQ has a 4000mAh battery, which is enough for Lg users to use.

On the other hand, OnePlus 8 also has a 400mAh battery. If we go for OnePlus 8 Pro, then it has a 4500mAh battery. Non-removable Li-Po battery. 30W fast charging available.

Front Camera Comparison

OnePlus 8 has a single front camera with 16MP and f/2.0 with 25mm wide. The camera has high Auto-HDR. Video Quality from the front camera has 1080p.

On the other hand, LG G9 ThinQ also comes with the 16MP Front Camera. We are not sure yet about the lens used in the LG Phone.

Extra lenses  – LG G9 ThinQ Vs OnePlus 8

LG G8 and LG G8X ThinQ both have the dual-lens rear cameras. More cameras lenses are not necessary, but high camera lenses are essential. iPhone 11 and Note 10 have triple lenses, so we are expecting one more quality camera lens in G9 ThinQ.

In the one plus 8, there is a deep sensing lens on the back. In the selfie camera, there is a dual-lens selfie camera.

The single facing front camera and Pro version of OnePlus has a single lens shooter.

What do we suggest Which Phone is Better?

Both phones have their specifications. If you are comfortable with the Oneplus devices, then go with the Oneplus other G9 is also the right choice if you are buying the phone first time and can’t understand which phone is better, Lg G9 ThinQ vs OnePLus 8. Then we suggest that you should go for OnePlus 8 because it has some fantastic features.


Fluid AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen. Gorilla glass 6 and better resolution 1440 x 3120.

We are looking for your response which phone you like most? And what are your thoughts on the features and specifications of Lg G9 ThinQ and OnePlus 8?

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