Cool Innovations Released in Thunderbird 91 Version

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Nowadays, more and more security threats can be detected in free software. As for now, anyone who uses Thunderbird should update the mailing client. The developers have fixed two security bugs. In particular, if attackers successfully target these vulnerabilities, this could result in a memory error and the operation of Windows. Attackers could use it to execute malicious code, and scripts in unprivileged mode. Read about the Thunderbird 91 Version security threats in detail below.

 Thunderbird 91 Version

Thunderbird 91.0.3: Update Fixes Various Bugs

Mozilla is currently distributing another update for the brand new Thunderbird 91. This version was recently introduced and has already received another patch from Mozilla. The update fixes numerous bugs. If you don’t believe in the safety of your correspondence with this client, you can use the Thunderbird to Outlook converter and transfer your mailbox forever. Meanwhile, others may be interested in the improvements, provided by a new version.

Thunderbird: 12 Bugs Fixed

Mozilla lists 12 bug fixes for the 91.0.3 update. For example:

1. Multiprocess architecture

The multi-process architecture, on which Mozilla had been working for many years, brought advantages for the performance, stability, and security of the Firefox browser. The Thunderbird email client has only used one process so far. Thunderbird 91 also gained a multi-process architecture and relevant benefits.

2. Native support for Apple Silicon M1 

The first computers based on the Apple M1 on Apple’s new silicon platform have been around since November 2020. The separation from Intel goes hand in hand with a change in the processor architecture from x86-64 to ARM64. Thunderbird 91 runs natively on devices with the new Apple processor, which also promises significant performance advantages for corresponding users.

3. Thunderbird can now display PDF files

Thunderbird has now integrated the viewer for PDF files developed by Mozilla, which is also part of Firefox. This means that PDF files no longer have to be downloaded and then opened with an external program to read them.


4. Simplified configuration of new mail accounts

The wizard for setting up a new mail account is no longer opened in a dialog window but in a tab. There were not only visual improvements. Existing calendars and address books linked to the email address are also viewed and can be set up with one click. After setting up an account, the wizard suggests further optional actions, such as creating a signature for end-to-end encryption for the emails.

5. Improved insertion of file attachments

File attachments inserted in new emails are now displayed at the bottom of the window and have more space there so that more attachments and also the file names are visible than before. When dragging a file into the message window, Thunderbird now displays an overlay that gives the user the option of embedding the file directly in the email, for example with a picture or sending it as an attachment.

These are only five out of 12 cool improvements provided by the Mozilla team. For more information visit the official website.

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