Start Your Own Unique Experience: Create Facebook Reels with VistaCreate 

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Facebook Reels

Reels on Facebook are short videos. You can also see Reels videos from Instagram if the author chooses to post them on Facebook as well. Recommended Reels videos are selected based on your interests and may appear in the Feed and Facebook Watch.

Creating Facebook Ads

We’ve outlined the following steps to help you create Facebook Reels with VistaCreate:

  1. Activate your free account.

Create your VistaCreate account for free so you can start editing right away. Each design is saved in your personal account so you can easily go back and edit it again.

2. Choosing a template.

There are tons of layout options for your consideration that require minimal editing. You can create a design from scratch and use the suggested templates to inspire your ideas.

3. Personalization.

Make your design special with simple personalization options. Drag and drop stickers, change colors, and more to create something completely unique.

4. The download is free.

Feel like a confident user? Download the video you’ve created for FB and start collecting likes and comments. 

But generally, you can also post right inside the creator.

Recording Videos in Facebook Reel

If you’re making a video right in the app, you’ll see several options on the right side of the screen:

  • “Add Music”. 

Here you can choose which soundtrack to add to your video from Facebook’s library of licensed songs. There’s also a Length option where you can choose how long your video should be. The maximum length is 60 seconds.

  • “Speed”. 

This is where you can choose to speed up or slow down your video. Effects is where you can add fun filters to your video. Next is Timer, which lets you choose how long your camera will run before you start recording.

  • “Green Screen”. 

It’s a fun effect that lets you change the background of your video.

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to record! Click on the Record button and start filming. When you’re done, click Next to go to the edit page.

Editing a Video for Facebook

The edit page is where you can really bring your video to life. You can edit clips and add stickers, text, and music to your video. 

When you’re done, click the “Next” button. You’ll get to the “Share” page. 

You can add a caption and choose who you want to share your video with. You can also choose whether you want to enable remixing for your videos, which means that other people can use your video to create their own videos.  

Once you’re happy with your setup, click Share reel to share your video.

The Difference Between Reels Videos Created on Facebook and Instagram

So here are the following items that are different on Facebook as opposed to Instagram:

  • Instagram usernames. 

Next to a Reels video from Instagram, you’ll see the author’s username listed on their Instagram account, not Facebook. You’ll also see next to the username.

  • Comments. 

You can comment on a Reels video created on Facebook right as you watch it. To leave a comment on a Reels video created on Instagram, you will need to sign in to your account on the Instagram app or

  • “Like” tags. 

You can see how many people liked the Reels video, but you can only see exactly who has “Liked” the video on the platform on which it was created.

  • Replay. 

For Replay videos created on Instagram, information about the number of plays is available. A replay counts as watching a video for at least 1 ms. Repeated views do not count. Both Facebook and Instagram count the number of plays. If you watch a Reels video on both platforms, two plays will count. Play count information is also available for most Reels videos created on Facebook.

  • Author page. 

When you’re watching a Reels video created on Facebook, you can click on the author’s name to see their other videos. If you’re watching a Reels video created on Instagram on Facebook, clicking on the author’s name will take you to their Instagram profile.

In addition, while watching Reels videos on Facebook, you can see other short videos.

But information about the number of views of such videos is not available.

Produce online leads with fantastic Facebook videos! Use templates from the sample library and create something special in minutes.  

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