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One necessary position without which no organization can think of improving their productivity is of scrum master. It’s a post on whose shoulders the responsibilities of directing projects and making them successful is laid on. 

That is why the CSM course is becoming very popular among the new generation who want to fly high in the sky of technology and innovation. And that is also the reason why CSM certification becomes a bit expensive. 

But here, you will get the right CSM course skills with the right CSM training cost so that there will be no stoppage to your career path. 

CSM Training Course


CSM Training Course Overview

Scrum is an Agile framework that is popular for helping in creating innovations and improving productivity across the company. A scrum master is the leader of the scrum team and guides the team to make the project successful. 

So in the course, you will be taught all the skills necessary for you as a scrum master as well as a leader. You will acquire the skills to guide team members through product development and help in delivering quality products. 

With these skills, you can also participate in team activities easily and learn how to own a task within the team. You can also resolve the impediments and upgrade team collaboration with scrum master skills.

In this course, you will learn how to act as a change agent and establish a working environment that can increase collaboration and productivity of the team as well as the organization. With this course, you can get involved also guide the team in developing high–end products. 

This course is for future scrum masters, agile scrum masters, delivery leaders, program managers, agile coaches, project managers, automation engineers, and project leaders. But the scope of this course is not limited, and you can apply for various job roles. 

Course Content 

In the course, you will learn about the roles of scrum masters and how they lead the scrum team and contribute to the development of the organization. You will learn the fundamentals of and understand the foundation of agile and scrum with its concepts. 

Also, you will acquire knowledge on scrum terminologies, the complete scrum process, and various concepts of it. You will understand the roles included in the scrum and are the scopes for scrum masters in the scrum. 

Here you will learn the core competencies of the key scrum master and how to protect your team from external as well internal distractions and make them focus on tasks. 

Coming on the syllabus, in the course, you will learn from basics to advanced all the things related to the scrum. Starting with the introduction of agile and scrum, you will move forward with an agile manifesto, 4 values, 12 principles, and a scrum foundation.

Then you will learn the 3 roles in scrum, scrum ceremonies, scrum artifacts, sprint execution, daily scrum and sprint retrospective, definitions Done, Acceptance Criteria, Ready, and then you will learn release planning. 

At the last stage, you will learn the sprint burndown chart, release burn-up chart, product planning, user stories, agile estimation, and planning poker. With all these skills, you will be the best scrum master who can guide the team in the right direction. 

Talking about the classes, they are divided into theory classes and practical work. So you will be taught the concepts and then given the assignment to show your own creativity and talent. 

Your mentors are well trained in the subject and working for many years using their experience for the betterment of their students. With that here, you will also get ebooks and webinars for more knowledge. 


There is no prerequisite for this course, so even a newbie can learn the skills. This course is for both novices and professionals who want to build their careers in the field. 

But for better understanding, some knowledge of project management, product management, team leading will be appreciated.

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