Top 5 Duplicate Content Detection apps for android users

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Duplicate Content Detection apps

When it comes to quality writing, uniqueness is one of the essential factors to consider. Plagiarism means copying another person’s work and passing it on as your own, and it is believed theft. Plagiarism detection has become necessary and prevalent in many fields. You need a plagiarism checker in many places, whether you are a student, publisher, writer, businessman, or author. Here we know the details about Duplicate Content Detection apps.

Even if you have written 100 percent original content, it is impossible to check forgery manually. While doing manually consumes so much time and reduces your productivity. This task can be completed in seconds and with greater efficiency with a plagiarism checker. 

What exactly is plagiarism checking?

A plagiarism check determines the ratio of original to copied content by scanning the Internet and comparing your content. All of this is accomplished in a matter of seconds, and the efficient apps also provide the origin from which your content is matched.

On the backend of plagiarism checker apps, there are usually amazing algorithms that compare your content.

What is the significance of checking plagiarism?

The plagiarism checker has become requisite because if you publish content without first checking for plagiarism, the search engine will penalize your site by not ranking your page at the top of the SERPs.

The visibility of your website will suffer. This makes it very important to check for any possible copied material in your content using a plagiarism checker.

In this era, as we all know, the majority of the time, most businesses, as well as other activities, are undertaken on the smartphone. Even so, to send files to customers, most freelancers use their mobile phones, and in this case, you should use the plagiarism checker on your mobile phone. 

Why Should You Use an Online Plagiarism Checker?

Come on, let’s check out some of the advantages that the plagiarism checker has to offer:

  • Results in a flash:

Online plagiarism checkers produce results almost instantly because they are swift. These advanced and powerful programs search the entire web in a matter of seconds, compare your text to content from across the world, and underline or highlight duplicate paragraphs or sentences almost instantly. 

  • Gives references:

For students who write academic papers based on solid evidence, plagiarism checkers are incredibly beneficial. When their text matches the original content, they can properly cite the source and avoid committing plagiarism.

  • Defends against potential allegations:

Plagiarism is a criminal offense, and you may face penalties if you commit it. As a result, by using a plagiarism detection app, you can protect yourself from any allegations that may emerge due to publishing copied content.

5 Best Plagiarism Checkers:

When it comes to content creation, we are pretty well aware of the significance of plagiarism checks. Now comes the question, which plagiarism checkers are best for android users?

The market is filled with many plagiarism-checking apps, but make sure you choose the right one. 

Sadly, some apps fail to uphold privacy standards. A list of the best plagiarism apps is mentioned below to assist you in making the right decision.

  1. Prepostseo:


The Plagiarism Checker app from Prepostseo is a popular app for ensuring the uniqueness of your material. Copy and paste the content, and you can use it easily.

It is well known that Google does not accept duplicate or plagiarized content, so in this regard, you can use this app to authenticate the content of your emails or other business texts.

You can upload the file to be checked for plagiarism in various formats, including Doc /. TXT / DOCX /. PDF files. Because it does not store or publish your content in its database, this app is completely secure. 

Among the main features are the automatically generated reports, which can be distributed in various ways. This is a fantastic feature. This app is entirely free and can be used to verify up to 1,000 words, with the limit increasing to 5,000 words if you purchase the premium plans. This app also determines the source of your content based on the percentage of plagiarized content.

2. Plagiarism Detection:

Plagiarism Detection

This is among the most widely used writing apps for detecting plagiarism in your content. It is regarded as the best app for proofreading because it contains all of the essential writing apps.

Plagiarism detection app has paid and unpaid modes; it is usually free, but the premium version includes more features with minimal restrictions.

Most bloggers and content writers use this app because it is an all-in-one package that improves your writing. Most bloggers and content writers use this app because it is a fully featured solution for perfecting your writing.

The editor is available within the app to edit the content you have inspected for plagiarism. You can easily remove plagiarism from your article or content using the editor. 

3. Plagly:


Teachers, students, content writers, marketers, and bloggers can use  this app as it is considered a trustworthy plagiarism checker. It recognizes your fonts and compares them to various massive databases to find any possible similarities. 

You can upload up to a 5,000-word article with a click of the mouse to verify its uniqueness, and it also tells you where the content was copied from. Once you’ve determined whether the content is original or not, you can edit it to eliminate plagiarism.



It is a app for proofreading written content and correcting grammatical and punctuation errors if there are any. It does, however, include a highly effective free plagiarism detector. 

Plagiarism checker is a practical writing assistant application that is a whole bunch of services. Checking for plagiarism is just one of the many features it provides.

You will be able to perfect your writing and make your content error-free with the help of this fantastic app.

5. Synword:


This is a free plagiarism detection app as well. This effective online plagiarism detector evaluates your entire work in just two clicks. Synword will come in handy if you need to run many checks in a short period. This app also has some fantastic features. Your work is compared to so many internet sources, including scientific evaluations; the layout is simple, easy to understand and use, and free. It has a 20,000-character limit in a single run. It performs high-quality plagiarism checks.

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