Essential Aspects of Bitcoin Mining

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Bitcoin mining is a crucial process of the blockchain network in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It doesn’t matter if you want to start with Bitcoin mining or trade BTC; it is important to be familiar with the blockchain network and how it operates, especially since Bitcoin mining will always be one of the most important components of this system. In case you want to become a miner, in this article, we go through the essential aspects of Bitcoin mining and the future advantages of working as a miner on the network.  

New BTC  

Bitcoin mining is a process where new Bitcoin tokens are added into circulation. More specifically, through the process of bitcoin mining, the miners are required to solve a hash puzzle in order to get the block reward, and by doing this, they also verify the validity of the BTC transactions, which means that this transaction is unique and it also solves the double-spending problem. Another crucial aspect of Bitcoin mining is that it is also important for the security of the blockchain network and the maintenance of the blockchain system.  

The double-spending problem is associated with cryptocurrencies, but thanks to the consensus mechanism of the blockchain network, the miners are able to secure the blockchain system and verify the crypto transactions. The main reason why it is necessary for the miners to work on the network consistently is that this is a peer-to-peer-based system that is totally decentralized, and it functions without the control or supervision of a central authority.  

In other words, there are miners that work on thousands of computer systems worldwide; they all have the same copy of the blockchain network. Each miner has the same privilege regarding the data in the network, which remains viewable to every participant. Miners also are the only participants in the blockchain network that have the right to vote on proposed upgrades and changes. In a nutshell, Bitcoin mining is energy and time-consuming process, which is why they are the ones that ultimately decide the future of the blockchain network. 

Block Reward  

The block reward is an essential aspect of the mining process because it represents the main incentive for the miners to work on the network along with the transaction fees. But, when we compare the transaction fees to the block reward, it represents a significantly bigger portion of the main reward.  

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Another important thing about that block reward is that it’s getting halved every four years thanks to Bitcoin halving, which was an event programmed to cut the inflation rate in half and keep the supply of BTC under control. It’s worth mentioning that the initial block reward was 50 BTC and after the halving in 2012 was 25 BTC, while in 2020, it is 6.25 BTC. With the next halving that is likely to happen in 2024, the block reward will be 3.125BTC. The block reward’s value will be minimized, and the transaction fees will rise in the process. It’s worth mentioning that even without the block reward as a motivation for mining, it is still a necessary process for the entire blockchain network. That said, the transaction fees will increase as a result, and they will eventually completely replace the block reward. 

Mining on an Industry-Level  

Bitcoin mining today is facilitated on a large scale with mining pools and farms mainly because the incentive for the mining process is decreasing. As we said, it’s expected for the block reward to completely disappear eventually while the competition in the network is on the rise. Today, it’s virtually impossible for any solo miners to achieve any success. But, working as part of mining pools and farms is an advantage for the miners because they are in a position to combine their computing power and resources in order to gain a block reward and transaction fees.  

Also, the mining farms and pools drive competition in the network as they are able to use cutting-edge equipment in order to mine, and they create an atmosphere where mining is only possible on a large scale as part of a group. This is a very important aspect of Bitcoin mining and will probably become even more important as the competition increases with the rise of mining farms around the world.  


In conclusion, mining is extremely important whether for voting on future changes on the system or for maintaining the security of the blockchain network. Without the input of the miners, the network will not be able to operate at all. Also, the blockchain network was designed in a way to support the mining process, and this is why there is complete transparency of the data in the network, except for the identity of the users, which remain anonymous. 

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