Essential Tech You Must Own In 2022

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It’s fair to say that most of us couldn’t live without technology. Whether it’s the smartphone in our pockets or the laptop on which we’re working from home, we’ve become dependent on technology to help us live our lives. Even the basic functions of our homes are often controlled by technology thanks to smart home systems, and we wouldn’t have it any other way; there’s an incredible convenience to being able to control the TV, the lighting, and the temperature, all without moving from our sofas. 2022 promises to be yet another banner year for tech, too. Here are some of the essential pieces of tech you must own in 2022.

A powerful smartphone

2022 is the year you upgrade from your budget smartphone device to a real monster. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s now possible to afford an almost flagship-beating phone without breaking the bank; you can look to quick loans to help you with the initial cost, then pay those loans off over the next few months without shattering your balance. Right now, our favourite phone is the Google Pixel 6. It’s got incredible specs, a world-beating camera, and a price that most people should be able to comfortably afford. There’s really no excuse not to have a great phone in 2022!

True wireless headphones

If you’re still using wired headphones in 2022, you should know there’s a whole range of options out there that let you ditch the cables entirely without compromising on sound quality. Unless you’re an incurable audiophile, true wireless headphones will provide comfort, convenience, and great audio, and again, you don’t need to break the bank for them. Whether you prefer over-ear or in-ear devices, options from Bose, Sony, and Jabra all make for incredible value for money. Most smartphones don’t come with headphone jacks anymore, so upgrading to true wireless headphones is especially important if you’re intending to swap your device this year.

A powerful laptop

Just like phones, you can get powerful laptops for low prices these days. Most laptops now come equipped with SSDs (solid state drives) to make performance and file transfer speeds zippy, and even budget processors are excellent matches for most people’s day-to-day tasks. There are so many laptops out there that it’s hard to recommend any single model, but try to look for at least 256GB of storage space and 8GB of RAM. While Windows 11 will run on 4GB, this is the bare minimum for the operating system, so you will probably notice the occasional patch of slowdown. 8GB is the sweet spot for laptops.

A smart home hub

When writers and creatives of the past envisioned the future, the smart home is pretty much what they had in mind. There’s even more room for the smart home to grow, but for now, our smart homes can control everything from lighting to temperature and even the music we’re listening to. You don’t need an expensive smart home hub; the Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings Hub are relatively low-cost devices that will integrate perfectly with anything compatible with their systems. You can also opt for the Google Nest Hub if you’re a Google Home user. Smart home tech might seem intimidating, but it’s actually very accessible and convenient.

A smartwatch

Once again, smartwatches were devices commonly imagined by sci-fi writers of the past, but now, we can harness a lot of the power of a smartphone directly from our wrists. Samsung, Apple, and fitness companies like Fitbit and Garmin offer great smartwatch options, and some of them are pretty cheap indeed. Your needs will vary, of course, but a good smartwatch generally has a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking facilities, and, of course, the ability to show you notifications from your phone. It’s a good idea to decide whether you need an all-singing, all-dancing smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch 4, or simply a basic device like the Fitbit Charge that will do what you need and nothing more.

A streaming device

Google Chromecast has transformed the way in which we watch the content we like. Fewer and fewer people have cable boxes underneath their TVs, preferring instead to hook up a Chomecast to their TV and watch content that way instead. If you want to keep up with the streaming revolution, a Chromecast is a great device to have.

You can use it to mirror your phone screen, thus allowing you to watch pretty much anything you like on your TV. There are other options, too; the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku Streaming Stick are both great alternatives to the Chromecast. Whichever one you pick up, make sure there’s a streaming device plugged into your TV’s USB port.

A games console

These days, gaming is no longer the niche hobby it once was. Thanks to casual mobile gaming experiences and the widespread availability of accessibility options, everyone can game if they want to. That’s why a gaming console is a great investment. For our money, the Nintendo Switch is the best console for most gamers; it has a wide range of games available, it’s extremely portable and convenient, and it can either be played handheld or on your TV. The PS5 is a powerful machine, but it’s hard to get hold of; the same can be said for the Xbox Series X. With that in mind, the Xbox Series S is the next best option for most gamers; it has a huge library thanks to Game Pass, and although it’s not as powerful as its siblings, it can still pack a surprising punch.

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