Five Tips To Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

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According to Statista, the number of mobile users currently stands at 6.5 billion and is projected to reach 7.2 billion by 2025. This makes smartphone owners a major target for game developers. As a result, more games are being produced on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. And if you have an Android device, be sure to check out our article on the top 5 available games at Techflog.

While the major advantage of gaming on mobile is portability, the overall experience usually leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to other platforms like consoles or a PC, playing on mobile does not offer the same levels of immersion and comfort. This is, however, something that can be enhanced by adopting the simple tips listed below.

1.Play Using a Controller

As smartphone gaming is now becoming more competitive, playing with touch screen controls is not enough. With wired connections or Bluetooth, it is possible to connect to controllers. This allows you to play with more comfort, as you are able to grip the handles of the controller. 

You need not purchase new gamepads if you already have a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox one controller. Once you connect via Bluetooth, you can get down to gaming. 

2. Use a Strong Internet Connection

When playing online mobile games, the difference between winning or losing can be your internet connection. It is advisable to make use of a strong network, whether 4G, 5G, or a Wi-Fi connection you can trust. 

This is especially crucial when playing multiplayer titles like League of Legends and even when you play slots online. For the latter, nothing is as irritating as when you are on a roll, and the internet connection goes down. Finding a decent site can be a chore too. Fortunately, VegasSlotsOnline exists. The platform not only has thousands of free slots to play, but it also assists you in finding the best free spins bonuses if you want to play for real money. You may also locate the greatest jackpot slots, as well as honest ratings for each operator online.

It’s also recommended that you use a wired connection. And it works with phones with the On-The-Go (OTG) feature. With this, it’s easy to connect to a router or switch to avoid any lagging experience while you play.

3. Play with Headphones

Immersive audio is as vital as engaging graphics. Many gaming developers today put a lot into the background music and sounds to ensure total immersion. When you play FIFA with headphones on, you feel as though you are in the stadium. The same goes for games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons where you can hear birds whistle and streams run. When you play with phone speakers it just doesn’t feel the same. 

Apart from deriving a more complete gaming experience, an article from GameVoyagers describes how using headphones also gives you an edge while playing. If you play a first-person shooter, you are able to easily listen to the footsteps of rivals nearby and hear quiet movements. 

4. Make use of ‘Gaming Mode’

With this, each time you play, it reconfigures your device to suit your gameplay. Android manufacturers implement this feature differently. But there are some common settings that apply once it’s turned on. These include putting calls on the loudspeaker, turning off the auto-brightness, and enhancing the RAM. Most importantly, it prevents notifications from displaying on the screen. 

As provided by Gadgetstouse, the aim of the gaming mode is to reduce distractions to the minimum. Instead of making manual adjustments, it automatically sets your phone to play your favourite titles. 

5. Turn on Do Not Disturb (DND)

One major disadvantage of mobile gaming is how calls can interrupt while playing. Imagine being disrupted in a game you’re winning, no one enjoys such a happening. 

You might consider turning off your service provider network and connecting to Wi-Fi to solve this. This option will work but if you have a DND mode on your smartphone, it’s a far greater option.

Activating the DND prevents your smartphone from receiving notifications and taking calls or messages. Unlike all the gaming modes mentioned above, both Android and iOS users can make use of this Do Not Disturb feature.

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