How to Fix Google Payment Error OR-IEH-01 – Five Easy Methods in 2022

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Google Payment Error OR-IEH-01

Many people use Google Pay to make payments, but recently, many users have complained about the OR-IEH-01 error, which prevented them from completing the payment process. Some customers even point out that there are errors when making transactions with their credit cards.

The visible OR-IEH-01 error was not specifically reported by the Google account, leaving many users confused as to what was reduced and why they could not pay. If you are here due to an OR-IEH-01 error, do not worry, we will show you how to fix it in a few simple steps.

Why You’re Getting The OR-IEH-01 Error?

We did some research and found that there are many reasons for this problem to come up. The reasons are given below:

  • Using root access or custom firmware
  • Using a VPN or something similar
  • Your language and location details were not paired correctly
  • Make sure you do not use any of the above as there is a possibility of a Google Play error or -ieh-01.

How do you fix the Google Pay error or IEH 01?

Now that you know what an OR-IEH-01 error is and what is causing the problem, let us know exactly what it is and how to fix it quickly so that you can continue your payment without any interruptions.

  • Check your payment information
  • Check your internet connectivity
  • Verify Google Payments Accounts
  • Disable VPN
  • Ensure Your Google Payments Account By Submitting Your Documents

1. Check Your Payment Information:

Check Your Payment Information

When people receive this error on their system, it usually indicates that they have entered incorrect information regarding the payment method you are using. You will need to re-check all the details you entered while making the payment. If your payment method is saved, be sure to delete it and then re-enter it. It fixes all typos in the payment method. Even a small mistake in the payment details can lead to payment failure. If you use a debit or credit card on Google pay or Play Store, be sure to edit its details. After you have successfully resolved and proof-checked all the details, please restart the payment. This time your transaction will not fail and you will not see the payment error code or -ieh-01.

2. Check Your Internet Connectivity:

Check Your Internet Connectivity

Sometimes a bad internet connection can even lead to payment errors. Check your internet connection and see if you can use it to play online videos. If your connection does not play videos online and you find buffering, it means that your internet connection is weak. This can trigger payment issues. So please connect to a better Wi-Fi connection before trying the payment again.

3. Verify Google Payments Accounts:

Verify Google Payments Accounts

Errors OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 will cause your account to be suspended. Google will send you an email stating how to verify your account. Follow the guidelines and submit your identity card or documents. In addition to your ID, you can also send papers with your name and address. These files include utility bills or financial institution statements that support your identity card and verify your account.

4. Disable VPN:

Disable VPN

So, first of all, if you use a VPN on your phone for personal reasons. You must disable this because VPNs hide your real IP address. If you are in India and your VPN is set up in the United States or another state, Google Pay may not recognize it and may track your card number and CVV. If your VPN is turned on, Google will notice an issue with different IP addresses and different card numbers, and CVV and your payment will be blocked.

So, disable your VPN by following these steps:

Step 1: Open any VPN app you are using and see if it is enabled.

Step 2: Check the area where it is enabled and if it is, disable it by clicking the Disconnect or Disable tab.

After you shut down your VPN, try redoing your payment to see if you still have issues.

5. Ensure Your Google Payments Account By Submitting Your Documents:

Ensure Your Google Payments Account By Submitting Your Documents

Sometimes your account will be suspended due to error OR-IEH-01 or possibly error OR-IEH-02. All you have to do directly is double-check your documents. Google will mail you an email to confirm your documents in your Google Payment Account. Follow it, follow the information in the email account and verify it. After verifying your account with all the required documents, try making a payment again to see if you still have a problem.


We hope these issues are helpful. If you encounter this problem, you can also resolve the error OR-IEH-02 using the same method. If these methods do not solve the problem, you can contact the Google Play Store customer service and let them know about the problem, they will definitely look into the problem and fix it for you. Now you can continue the purchase without any interruptions. Happy payment!

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