How Close is The Last of Us Show to the Game

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Whether it’s Tomb Raider or even Mortal Kombat, making a live-action movie or TV show out of a game can be a huge responsibility. You need to make sure it is as closely related to the game as possible, which is what fans are always looking for. That is exactly the case with HBO’s hit show “The Last of Us” which is a live-action TV show of the globally best-selling game by Naughty Dog, which has the same name. 

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The question that fans all over the world have is how close to the game is the TV show? Have they incorporated the same storyline? Are the characters the same? Is the setting of the show the same as the game? In its initial stages, here are a few things that determine whether the TV show is close to the game or not (SPOILERS AHEAD):

The Starting of the Show

The start of the show has a remarkable similarity to the game. In the first episode, we get to see how the outbreak happens and how a fungus that takes control over the human is plaguing the United States mind, causing them to turn into zombies and feed on other people. However, there is a slight difference in the show as it gives a bit more details into the outbreak, it shows Joel’s daughter Sarah as she goes to the neighbor’s house, which is something that does not happen in the game. 

Other than that, there are also a few other elements such as the scenes where Joel, Tommy, and Sarah are heading to safety as the outbreak happens, the farmhouse on fire, and the havoc in the city, everything is almost the same as the game. There was also a gut-wrenching death, which was exactly like the game, it left us just as speechless during the show as it did in the game. 

The Attention to Details of the Outbreak

Honestly, they could’ve gone with anything since it is a show but they intended on keeping it as close to the game as possible. The series starts off with an interview that was not in the game that shows scientists having a discussion on a talk show that viruses and bacteria aren’t as harmful to humans as fungi could be. It even points out that psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms and LSD are fungi and that they have the capability of changing the brain’s perception of things. 

In the game, the fungal infection spreads by people biting each other and by spores that fly around due to the mutated virus. They have also added that to the show, making it as close as possible. We can also see the fear and desperation on people’s faces and their eyes as they frantically try to save themselves. 

Joel’s Meeting with Ellie

Joel’s first meeting with Ellie was also kept very true to the game. In the game, Tess and Joel are chasing after a man named Robert who owes them favors but he escapes instead. As Joel and Tess are chasing him, they come across a woman named Marlene who is the head of a group called the Fireflies who are looking for possible cures and solutions to the pandemic. Marlene has a girl named Ellie under her wing who is apparently immune to the fungus. Marlene tells Tess and Joel to smuggle Ellie across the country so that they could come up with a cure and in return, Marlene would give them anything that they ask for. 

Though they are a bit hesitant at first Tess agrees and in turn, a reluctant Joel agrees as well. In the first episode, they are making their way out of the city when Ellie reveals to Joel and Tess that she is immune and they continue with their journey ahead. 

The Future Prospect of the Show

The only thing we can do now is to keep our hopes up when it comes to the future storyline. There is a lot to come, a lot of difficulties to face by Joel and Ellie, and all we can do is sit tight and follow the series as we see how the story unfolds. 

Wrapping Up

It is anticipated that the show will be as good as the game since they have already started following the smallest of details that we saw in the game. To keep up to speed with the show, make sure you tune in to HBO every Sunday so that you don’t miss an episode!

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