How Many Jobs are Available in EDP Services?

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How Many Jobs are Available in EDP Services

How Many Jobs are Available in EDP Services: According to the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics. There are presently 1,176 open positions in the United States for Electronic Data Processing (EDP) services. This figure has projected to rise in the future years as organizations become more reliant on digital systems and big data. Programming, software development, and systems analysis experience will be in great demand for these professions. Accounting and finance graduates may also find jobs in this industry. EDP service companies offer financial applications and databases performance.

Is EDP A Good Career Path?

Is EDP A Good Career Path

EDP service is a rewarding job choice, yes. It is one of the job options with the quickest growth. This is due to the increasing demand for professionals in this industry, which indicates that demand will continue to rise in the near future. Nearly every business in the world needs a specialist in this sector in order to operate quickly and accurately, and careers in this field of study are well-paying. People that are interested in this vocation have demonstrated a variety of qualities, such as a love of technology. A desire to solve problems creatively, and satisfaction in fixing things.

Requirements For A Career In EDP services

The following university courses must be completed for a bachelor’s degree if you intend to pursue a job in data processing:


You will benefit from having a basic understanding of mathematics because it is the foundation for most computer science and programming.


If you wish to work in this industry, you need also major in this subject. Working with data sets requires a strong foundation in statistics.

computer science:

If you want to work with computers and demonstrate your expertise, this course is crucial if you want to become a software engineer or programmer. You must be knowledgeable about computers and their operating systems.

Information science:

Information science is advised if you are interested in dealing with data sets because it focuses on how information is used and stored.

Advantages Of EDP Services


On the internet, information that has been stored and maintained via an electronic data processing system can be accessed immediately.


Through EDP, all of your summary documents, including invoices, reports, and bank-style statements, can be generated automatically. Additionally, it has the capacity to store a lot of data in an accessible format.

Reduced price:

Automatic data processing activities mean that no human involvement is necessary. Once an electronic data processing system is developed and put into place, the cost of managing data will gradually decrease.

Reduced labor:

Repetition of entries occurs frequently when data has entered manually. But with EDP, these errors have entirely avoided.

How Many Jobs are Available in EDP Services?

In general, EDP services offer a small number of carefully chosen high-paying employment. this is due to the fact that practically every firm wants employees from EDP. They have well paid and compensated because their skill has required. The highest paying EDP services positions include:

1. Solutions Architect

Based on six incomes, the average income for a solutions architect with 1-4 years of experience is $4,050,000, which includes tips, bonuses, and overtime compensation. A solutions architect with 5 to 9 years of experience makes an average of $7,000,000 in total compensation, which is based on 8salaries.

They have the organization’s issue solvers, which explains why they earn a high salary for their position. In order to deliver the best solution for the issues that need to solve in that organization, solutions architects look at the environment of the company to understand the technologies that have available and also know the sort of software product that should build. They are responsible for creating, outlining, and managing the solution.

2. Systems Administrator

They earn a total of 200,000 a month (with a base salary of 150,000 and an additional salary of 50,000); the additional salary may be in the form of a cash bonus, commission, tips, or profit-sharing. Despite the fact that salaries differ between businesses.

The organization’s computer systems must be installed, maintained, and supported by systems administrators. They comprise the company’s internal data communication systems as well as the wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN).

3. Data Architect

Data Architect


Base pay for data architects ranges from $79k to $160k. With a total salary range of $81k to 180k, bonus share profits are between $1k to $29k. This sum of money is enormous. To take advantage of this healthy sum of money, hasten to become a data architect.

In addition to developing database solutions and analyzing requirements, data architects are also known for producing design reports. They collaborate closely with database administrators and analysts to ensure simple access to the data of businesses.

4. Data Engineer

Their base pay is from $66k to 141k, plus $2k to $16k in bonuses and $1k to $20k in profit sharing. They create technical solutions to enhance data consumption and access, comprehend data requirements, and create reports and other tools for business users.

5. Database administrator

They make an average of $82,000 annually. They store and organize data using specialist software. Installation, configuration, database design, capacity planning, performance monitoring, backup, and data recovery are all part of their job duties.

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