How to buy the best smartphone for you 

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best smartphone for you

Purchasing a smartphone device can be complicated in 2021. For the tech-savvy among us, it can be a doddle, but for people who perhaps don’t understand the meaning behind various specifications and what exactly they need to look for, it can be overwhelming. It’s an important thing to get right, too, as a smartphone will essentially act as your camera, your news source, a communication tool, and even an entertainment option. 

Innovation has made purchasing a smartphone device almightily confusing for some people, though. It’s entirely understandable, too, especially as new advancements continually head our way and modern-day mobile phones continue to offer new and improved functionalities on a seemingly never-ending basis. Prices are rising too, therefore making it important to spend money on a mobile phone that will not only last but one that is right for you and your needs too. To help you get there, below is a look at some things to consider when shopping for a smartphone. 

How much do I need to spend? 

First and foremost, smartphones aren’t cheap these days. Determine the maximum amount you’d like to spend and then go from there. Some models out of your range might offer more bells and whistles, but sometimes, most of those additional accessories which add a much higher cost to the user aren’t utilized that much anyway. Not everyone needs a high-end camera, high-resolution video, colorful display, and the rest of it. In fact, some people only need basic requirements. Figure out your budget, assess what exactly you need to use your smartphone device for, and then you’ll undoubtedly open yourself up to plenty of options in the process. 

iOS or Android? 

The operating system (OS) is essentially the system that powers your phone and shapes how it runs. Some people prefer the interface of an iOS device, while others prefer the way an Android phone operates. Both are capable of performing the same functionalities, though, be it hosting Netflix shows on a morning commute to work or having the capabilities to house a range of smartphone games, like augmented reality releases such as Among Us or Wild West-themed slot games like Silver Bullet. There are some subtle differences between the two, though, but ultimately it comes down to what operating system is easier for you to use. 

Android devices do offer users more customizable options and entertainment options available in the Google Play Store. A negative aspect of Android phones is that they are more vulnerable to an attack than Apple devices, although Google is placing more emphasis on vetting apps and patching security holes before specific apps are released. As for iOS smartphones, they’re generally easy to use and provide access to the Apple app store and its extensive offering. Apps in the app store are checked thoroughly, too, making them safe to use on the whole. The negatives regarding iOS devices are that they’re generally more expensive, and they don’t tend to come with a micro-SD card slot, therefore leaving some users with less space than they eventually need.

best smartphone for you

Should I buy a phone on contract or Sim-free?

This is a choice everyone needs to consider before purchasing a smartphone device. It can certainly be appealing to buy a device on a contract that is on a lower monthly fee instead of buying a phone outright, but it could potentially cost more in the long run. It all comes down to your budget and what works best for you given your overall financial picture. 

Reliable brands include Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, Nokia, and Sony. 

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