How to Call and Receive Calls Online

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IP telephony is becoming more and more common. Its popularity is influenced by low prices for calls and ease of connection. There is nothing complicated about this technology, and it is easier to connect to it than to wire a home phone. IP telephony from HotTelecom allows you to call the world for free — subscribers can be provided with free minutes and bonuses.

A virtual PBX is a connection via the Web. Get the most out of modern telephony for business: choose the right numbers, set thoughtful rules for call forwarding, record conversations, and fully control communications.

Telephony that works via the world wide web will help you improve the level of service, not miss calls, and automate routine tasks. The functionality adapts to any business — from small companies to large corporations. It is preferable to have a separate Internet channel for high-quality information sharing.

How to connect IP telephony?

Connection and configuration of these services are carried out during the working day by the provider. Through the phone or the Internet, every task is carried out remotely. Install the program on the call-generating devices. Log in with your password and continue to make chats. All settings work is done on the operator’s side. If you use traditional phones, you will also need a VoIP gateway to provide signal transmission over the Web protocol.

All types of equipment can be used at the same time. It is important to consider that each phone and computer needs its dedicated line.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple and does not require any complex manipulations, especially from the subscriber.

Benefits of IP Telephony

Digital technology offers several advantages at the same time: rapid scalability, integration, and mobility of employees. It is also worth noting such pros as:

  • Price

To connect technology to the office or home, you do not need to buy special equipment or call the master. It is enough to pay a monthly fee once a month. The monthly payment depends on the number of users and those services that are connected additionally.

  • Scalability

Technology allows you to scale the existing corporate telephone network. The number of lines can be changed in a matter of minutes both in the direction of their increase and decrease.

In terms of personal use, this is a useful tool for saving money when allowed to call landlines and international numbers.

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