How to choose a good online MMO

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online MMO

Despite the fact that the online MMO RPG genre is very popular in the gaming industry, there are many gamers who are just now trying their hand at leveling characters in MMO projects.

The gaming segment is simply full of MMO projects, so it is important to understand what criteria a good game should have so that players do not waste their time in vain.

What criteria should be:

  • High online
  • Graphic arts
  • Activities and mechanics
  • Leveling through quests or through killing monsters
  • Raids and world bosses
  • Flying

online MMO

High online

Perhaps the most important criterion in any online game, since it is the number of people that determines how interesting it will be to master the project, go to raids, find opponents within your strength, partners and sellers on the trading floor.

MMO games are created with the aim of organizing a whole community that will interact with each other, provide life and interest for all players on the server.

Graphic arts

Of course, the graphics indicator for many players will be different and many players, in principle, do not care about the graphic component if the project is able to arouse interest due to mechanics, combinations of activities and other pleasant moments, but many players start in ffxiv boost precisely because it is pleasant to play the project with in terms of visual components and many mechanics.

online MMO

Activities and mechanics

An MMO RPG should not only draw players in with a well-thought-out system of quests or leveling with the help of monsters, but also offer variety in the form of game activities and interesting character development mechanics.

These can be professions where the player needs to learn new skills to extract resources and then transform them into useful equipment and weapons.

The development of the crafting system – many players prefer to independently collect resources and upgrade their creation skills, trying to make weapons and armor for their character. Some projects are littered with resources and the character only needs to start collecting key materials, but there are MMOs where crafting is either not developed or justified in terms of time spent and benefits received.

These can be activities associated with an interesting pastime – for example, mastering flights on rare flying animals, or fishing with hunting, cooking, or archeology.

In Final Fantasy, there is a realization of interesting activities – model shows and playing a musical instrument. The character walks the catwalk and demonstrates various clothes, or studies the notes and plays literally any tune taken from the Internet.

Leveling through quests or through killing monsters

Game developers have different approaches to the process of character development in their game.

Sometimes this leveling is connected with the quest system – the player takes the first task when he enters the game server and follows from quest to quest while simultaneously exploring the game world, earning gold and getting equipment.

There is a second option – game developers give the player complete freedom of pumping and save him from the quest component. In such games, like Lineage 2, the player needs to carefully study the game locations and find the most optimal and profitable ones for quickly gaining levels.

Raids and world bosses

The presence of raids and world bosses gives the online project two components:

  1.  Players have a desire to unite in groups and fight with a really difficult, but also interesting opponent. Strong bosses have unpredictable tactics and a lot of health, players need to try very hard and join forces to win.
  2.  A source of extraction of the most valuable armor and weapons appears. From world bosses and difficult raids, you always get the best equipment in all MMO projects. Players unite in groups and guilds to get the best game items and improve their character with their help.


This will not be an influencing factor for all players, but the flight system allows you to unleash the full potential of the game world and evaluate locations from a bird’s eye view.

In some projects, scripted flights are implemented – the character pays for the flight service and watches the fascinating journey of his character, riding a flying animal when moving from one location to another.

In projects like Final Fantasy, after completing a series of tasks, the player will be able to take the quest for a flying mount – a special animal that can fly in any direction. The first animal cannot be chosen, but in the future the player will be able to surround himself with any animals that he likes

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