How to Clear Cache on LG G9 ThinQ (Step By Step)

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LG G9 has its Android manager, where you can see all installed applications as well those apps which are consuming the data. It is easy to clean all the applications cache because you will know which application is getting how much data. In this guide, we will update you on how to clear the app cache on LG G9 ThinQ.

LG G8 was released in March 2019. Now we are again expecting that LG G9 will release soon. We hope that LG company will not increase the price much. In G8 ThinQ, we have not seen enough increased in prices.

How does Cache work in LG G9?

Whenever you open any application in your LG G9 ThinQ. Some of the files in the application store in the memory for temporary bases. So next time you open the application, it loads quickly instead of launch an app from the base memory.

For example: while using a web browser, once you save the image or file, you don’t need to download that data again and again, and applications don’t need it every time. The image is available in the Cache, and it saves your time also.

If we take a real-life example of Cache then do you know animals save food for later use? So it eases them to get the food from a shortage of distance, and it saves time and energy.

Types of Cache in LG G9 ThinQ

There are 2 types of Cache in LG G9.

  1. System Cache of G9
  2. Application Cache of LG G9.

App cache is a cache where each application data stores temporarily. This data is temporary. You can clear it from each separately.

System Cache is where all the Android System data stores their files in Storage.

So you need to clear the Cache; sometimes, you think something goes down with your LG G9 ThinQ. For example, If you are unable to install the game. You can try clear Cache, and if still problem exists then, you can also reboot LG G9 ThinQ.

Which Cache should you Clear? System or App in G9 ThinQ?

If you are facing a problem with an application, then you should clear the app cache. If still, App does not work then:

Do these 3 Things
  • Reboot Your G9
  • Delete the App.
  • Re-Install Application

How to Clear App Cache on LG G9 ThinQ

You can easily clear the App cache:

  • Go to the Settings of LG G9 ThinQ.
  • Go to App> Select All Apps.
  • Or You can search for the App which Cache you want to delete.

How to Clear App Cache in LG G9 ThinQ

Once you select the App, there will be different options. You will see the clear options, tap on the options. There are 2 options: clear Cache and clear data. Make sure you tap on the clear cache option.

Once you clear the Cache, it will remove all the game names, passwords, and any data related to applications.

How to Clear System Cache on LG G9 ThinQ

Here is the step by step procedure which helps to clear the system cache on LG G9.

  • Go to the Home Screen of LG G9.
  • Open the Settings.
  • Now Open the General Option.
  • Find the Storage option in General Options.
  • Wait for a little moment. Now click on Cached Data.
  • Tap OK.

In this way, you can clear the system cache android. It will take a few minutes because sometimes the system cache size is large enough to take some. Once it’s done, you will notice that there will be no system files in the Cache. Because you have not to open any app yet, and therefore you do not see any app.

How to Clear system Cache on LG G9 ThinQ (Step By Step) (1)

Clear Cache Not Working in LG G9 ThinQ

There are some issues when you are unable to clear the system or app cache on LG G9 ThinQ. We recommend that you should check factory reset options. Before the reset, we recommend to take backup in LG G9 ThinQ.

  • We hope that you have backup your data.
  • Go to Apps > Settings.
  • Open general option.
  • Tap on Backup and Reset.
  • Here you can set automatic restore.
  • Now Tap on Factory Reset.
  • It will delete all the data in LG G9 Thinq (External & Internal data).
  • Tap OK.

Final Words on Clear Cache on LG G9 ThinQ

We hope that you have deleted the system and apps cache from LG G9 ThinQ. If you face any issue, you can let us know in the comment section.

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