How to Clear Cache on LG Stylo 5

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Do you want to clear the cache on LG Stylo 5? Probably yes. That’s why you are here. Stay attached to us as we will provide a secure method that will help you to clear the cache of your LG Stylo 5.

Let’s start the discussion by discovering what cache is and why is it necessary to clear it.

What is Cache?

Every Android smartphone has a limited storage capacity. As you keep on downloading new apps and use them, they keep on creating new files to store information.

These temporary files are known as the cache. Cache data captures a significant space of your phone’s storage, and it keeps on increasing if you do not clear it.

Let’s discuss why there is a need to clear the cache and what are the benefits of clearing it.

Why is it Necessary to Clear the Cache?

As discussed earlier, the cache captures a significant amount of your phone’s memory. So, it is necessary to clear the phone’s cache to free up your phone’s storage memory.

Let’s enlist a few other benefits of clearing the phone’s cache.

  • Clearing cache regularly helps in saving the storage memory of your phone.
  • If not deleted, old cache files can become corrupted. When this happens, apps start experiencing problems. So, removing the corrupted cache files sorts out these issues.
  • Old cache files, if not deleted, can pose security and privacy threats. The data cached in your browser may contain sensitive information. If an unauthorized person gets access to this data, he can steal and misuse your personal information.
  • Cached files can become corrupted or overloaded, causing performance issues. So, by clearing them periodically, you can eliminate performance issues of your LG Stylo 5

How to Clear the Cache on LG Stylo 5?

Following is the procedure to clear the cache of your LG Stylo 5.

  • Open the settings menu of your LG Stylo 5
  • Scroll down and tap on “storage”
  • Now tap on “internal storage”
  • Navigate to find “cached data” and tap on it
  • A dialogue box will appear asking you if you are sure that you want to clear all app cache. Tap OK
  • That’s it. All the cache of your LG Stylo 5 has been removed.

How to Clear App Cache on LG Stylo 5

The above procedure was for deleting the entire cache data of your phone. If you are interested in removing the data of a particular app, then adopt the following method:

  • Open the settings menu of your LG Stylo 5
  • Navigate to find other apps and tap on it. Now you will be able to see all the apps installed on your phone
  • Choose the app for which you want to clear the cache files.
  • Finally, tap on clear cache option. The entire cache memory associated with that file will be removed.
  • Be careful. If you tapped on the clear storage instead of clear cache, entire app data would be cleared.

That’s it for the step by step guide to clear the cache of your LG Stylo 5. If you still need any help, feel free to inform us.

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