How To Have A Better Sleep Schedule

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Sleep Schedule

Still tossing and turning throughout the night, unable to sleep? Or, unable to stop scrolling through the internet even though your eyes are heavy and tired?

Are you tired of the bags and dark circles under your eyes, and the $100 eye cream is not doing anything?

You have reached the right place, so keep reading!

A Healthy Sleep Schedule

Having a good sleep schedule can make an exponential difference to your well-being. Both mentally and physically. You will feel more energized and less irritated in the morning. Your productivity will skyrocket, and your skin will be *a chef’s kiss*.

So, here is how you can get that sleep schedule!

1. Digital Detox

You are on your bed, continually scrolling through social media. Or watching youtube reels. No doubt these things are very addictive, and if you binge watching any show at the moment, your sleep is done and dusted for the night.

The truth is, there is no aim or purpose for you to scroll through constant comparison on seeing the influencers. Isn’t it better to simply close the screen and sleep when you are tired, and a good sleep will benefit you more?

So, here is how you can use digital detox for at least an hour before you go to sleep.

– Get done with all your social media right after your dinner.

– Disconnect the wifi router and retreat to a comfortable position in your bed. You could either read a book or if you wish to watch something, limit the screen timing. Two episodes from the series, you can use anonymous download pirate bay and enjoy it before bed.

2. Early Dinner

Have your dinner at least thirty minutes or an hour before you go to sleep. Firstly, just having your dinner and going to sleep will give you digestion issues, as you have to give the food particles some time to settle.

Right after dinner, you can take a walk or try some after-dinner stretching practises as they can increase the speed of digestion. Plus, having an early dinner will automatically make you tired by the time you retreat to your bed.

3. A Night Routine

Night routines are something which you shouldn’t take lightly. Yes, they have the term ‘routine’ latched onto them, but they are so much more than just a simple routine. They are your time to relax and relieve all the muscle tension and stress from the body and mind.

This is your self-care time after a long day. Psychologists have said that a few simple activities like having a skincare routine, reading a book, or having a nutritious dinner can make you so relaxed that when you go to bed, you are already sleepy.

4. No Caffeine After 5 PM

Although if you are someone with a caffeine addiction, you might be thinking that the coffee is doing nothing other than making you super alert for like thirty minutes. This is one of the reasons why we see people taking cups after cups of espresso because the more alert you are with caffeine, the more tired you will be.

However, when you finally return to bed and try to relax, the caffeine will prevent you from falling asleep. So if you want to have a full sleep without disturbance, tossing and turning throughout the night, try not to drink any caffeine after 5 pm in the evening.

5. White Noises

If you suffer from mild insomnia, white noises can help induce sleep. You can play these white noises over your phone, but if your phone charging or wearing headphones throughout the night is an issue, you can always get a white noise machine.

This technological invention can do wonders for people who have sleeping issues. These white noises can help you mute your obsessive thoughts, especially if you have anxiety.

On the other hand, these noises also help us calm our minds and eventually drift into sleep.


Now that you know the tricks to get a full six to seven-hour sleep without any interruption stop reading this article.

Close your electronics!

Get into a comfortable position!

Put some white noise on, and get to sleep.

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