How To Improve Aim in Destiny 2 

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Destiny 2 is the type of game that lets you choose from a wide range of different weapons. Whether you’re playing PvE, PvP, or taking parts in events such as Nightfall: the Ordeal Carry, having the right weapons in your arsenal is a must. However, you can’t properly utilize these weapons if you don’t know how to aim properly. And today, we are going to discuss how you can improve your aim in Destiny 2.

Three Tips To Improve Aim in Destiny 2 

No matter how amazing your weapon is in Destiny 2, it won’t help you take down your target quickly if you can’t aim properly. Having a good aim is a must in all shooter games, and it holds the same importance in Destiny 2. A lot of players often struggle to get better in the game, and they blame everything on either the weapons or the game’s mechanics. But the truth is, they don’t know how to aim their weapons the right way. If you’re one of them, then continue reading below to learn how you can overcome this problem.

Work On your Crosshair Placement 

First and foremost, you need to have the right crosshair placement all the time. This is something followed by almost every pro player. For those who don’t know, the crosshair is the small icon or shape that you see on your screen wherever you’re aiming your weapon. This helps you with knowing where your bullet is going to hit. A lot of players don’t realize that having their crosshairs placed correctly on the screen is going to help them bag in a lot of kills quickly.

Aim in Destiny 2 

What you need to do is make sure your crosshair is resting at your character’s height all the time. This way, you will have your crosshair at the same level as the chest and head of your target. No matter where you are, always make sure to keep it at this height in order to land powerful shots on your target. This reduces the travel distance of your crosshair to the head. Direct shots to the head can sometimes also result in the instant death of your enemy, and this will save both your time and health.

Learn How To Control The Recoil of Your Weapons 

Recoil control plays a huge role in improving aim. A lot of players underestimate its importance, but you shouldn’t be one of them. To control the recoil of your weapon, you will first need to learn its recoil pattern. To do this, you can enter an empty match and then fire at a wall while standing still. Do not try to control the recoil during this time, as your main focus is to just fire at the wall and see what the pattern is. This will allow you to see whether you will need to pull more to the left or right while firing the weapon to control its recoil. 

As it can get a little tough to get used to recoil patterns of different weapons, it will be wise to always pull your mouse a little down while firing. This will help you get familiar with the recoil patterns more quickly. Furthermore, you should only focus on learning the recoil patterns of the weapons you intend to use the most. Handon Cannon and other precision type weapons are easier to control. Meanwhile, weapons such as Assult Rifles are difficult and you’ll need to spend a lot of time before you can learn their recoil patterns. But once you successfully manage to do that, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your aim. 

Try Out Different Sensitivity Settings 

A lot of players don’t spend a lot of time adjusting their mouse’s sensitivity, but you should. You need to keep on adjusting the sensitivity settings until you find a sweet spot. Furthermore, you need to adjust the sensitivity of both when you’re looking around and when you’re aiming down your sight.

How To Improve Aim in Destiny 2 

Some players set their sensitivity so low that they struggle to track their enemies when they jump or make sudden movements, while others set it too high which makes it tough for them to control their aim. However, you need to create a balance between the two. An important thing to keep in mind is that the sensitivity settings are different for everyone. Someone might have their ADS sensitivity set at 10, but 12 might work better for you. Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep on experimenting with the settings until you find the sweet spot. This will take some time, but the effort will be worth it. 

This was how you can improve your aim in Destiny 2. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to improve your aim overnight. If you see a pro player handling his aim well, then it’s because he spent months trying to master it. Therefore, keep on practicing and your aim will eventually improve. If it doesn’t, then you need to practice more. There also exist-third party software that can help with it, such as the Aim Trainer. 

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