How to Reboot LG G9 ThinQ – Restart LG G9 ThinQ

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If you have purchased a new LG G9 ThinQ phone, then you must know how you can reboot your LG G9 ThinQ. You will frequently need to reboot your phone for various purposes.

Though the process is quite simple, yet most of us do not know how to reboot LG G9 ThinQ. There is a slight difference between rebooting and turning off your cell phone. You must understand that.

Rebooting VS Switching Off

Rebooting means that your device must automatically turn back on after you switch it off. Whereas, you can turn off your LG G9 ThinQ by pressing the power button.

Rebooting in LG G9 ThinQ can either be done by using the built-in option in the device or by using the third-party device.

The following guide is all about how you can reboot your LG G9 ThinQ. You can use any of the methods that most suits your requirements. Let’s discuss some of the ways on how to reboot your LG G9 ThinQ.

1. Rebooting LG G9 ThinQ Using the Power Button

Rebooting using the power button is the built-in method that is available on your phone.  To restart your LG G9 ThinQ, using the power button, all you have to do is press and hold the Power key for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, a pop-up screen will appear, asking what action you would like to take. Click on the option that says Reboot or Restart, and your phone will reboot instead of turning off.

2. Hard Reboot Using Specific Keys

The second option is to hard reboot your LG G9 ThinQ. To do this, you have to press a specific key combination on your device.

For LG G9 ThinQ, press the Power + Volume Down key together and release them when the LG logo appears. That’s how you can hard reboot your LG G9 ThinQ.

3. Rebooting Using Apps

Another option to rebooting your phone is to use a reboot app. You can get an app from the Google Play Store to do so.

For example, you can use the app like Quick Reboot to reboot your device in a few taps. Just install the app, and launch it, and tap on the appropriate option to reboot your device.

However, keep in mind that many apps do acquire root-access to let you reboot your device. So, you must allow that access.

Final Words

That’s a complete guide on rebooting your LG G9 ThinQ. I hope this was helpful. If you are still facing any issues, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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