Tested Method on How to Record Zoom Meetings Without Permission

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How to record Zoom Meetings Without Permission may be a problem you are having. This blog will explain to you 4 methods that have been tested for recording Zoom Meetings Without Permission. 

Work-from-home is increasingly becoming a trend, especially over the last two years. Video conferencing apps, whether DingTalk, VooV Meeting or even Zoom, have seen a significant increase in usage and downloads. as we all know, we can hold meetings, attend lectures and watch webinars using Zoom. Zoom also allows us to record screens online more easily during conferences than in classrooms and offices.

Yet do you know that someone can’t record a Zoom meeting if the host doesn’t allow it? This article will show you how to record a Zoom meeting Without Permission. Let’s see.

Record Zoom Meetings

How To Record Zoom Video Without Permission: The Best Tool

It may be a bit difficult for you to ask permission every time you want to do so, but now you can try iTop Screen Recorder, a free screen recorder for PC. Dedicated to PC health solutions, iTop is smart in exploring the trends of PC users. The result we are presented with iTop Screen Recorder.

Main Features of iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is easy to use and it is not limited to just screen recording. Here are the other features available on it.

1. Flexible Screen Recording

This recorder allows recording of any area of the screen by cropping. While in a zoom meeting, offering or even lecture, you can choose to only record images of specific hosts or participants without their knowledge. It also supports multiple displays.

Screen Recording

2 . Record Screen With Sound

Among the purposes of recording on Zoom without permission is for the purpose of review. However, some recorders only record images without sound, which is useless. Through this free screen recorder, you can record both sounds and images in Zoom so that when you check it out later, you can find out the essentials of meetings, lectures, webinars, and so on.

3. Unlimited Time

You may have faced this situation before. While you are recording, the process suddenly dies. Why did it happen? Most recorders on the market are time-limited, and you are only allowed to record for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Once the period expires, the process will be automatically terminated or the recorder will inform “Be our professional to get more recording time”. Yet iTop Screen Recorder gives you unlimited time to record, no matter how long you record Zoom meetings.

4. Screenshot While Recording

As we all know, we can take pictures while making a video recording on the phone. The same goes for recorders for Windows. If you want to capture important information while recording a Zoom meeting, you can click on the camera button or press F11 to take a screenshot without stopping the recording.

Screenshot While Recording

5. Change Video Format

There are over 12 output formats supported for storing video and audio. You can save video in MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF formats, or save audio in MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, WMAV2 formats.

 Change Video Format

iTop Screen Recorder is a practical recording tool that allows you to record Zoom without permission meetings with flexible areas, audio, screenshots, multiple formats and without any time limit. Also, it is the best online screen recorder without watermarks. The next important step is to find out how it works.


That’s all about how to record zoom meetings without permission. According to Statista, Zoom usage is increasing because just because of the COVID-19, even PC delivery. That is why you need to know the PC screen recorder when recording clips on a PC. Since many of us can’t shoot on Zoom without permission, let’s try the above method to meet our needs.

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