How to Reset Chromecast in 5 Steps

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How to Reset Chromecast

Trying to figure out how to reset Chromecast? The device is pretty straightforward, but it’s not as easy as unplugging and plugging it back in.

If you want to know how to reset Chromecast, keep reading and we’ll show you 5 ways How To Reset Chromecast step by step.

How to Reset Chromecast in 5 Steps

If this wasn’t enough, we also have over 15 other great Chromecast tips to help you get the most out of the device!

1. Find the reset button

The reset button is located on the back of your Chromecast. To reset your Chromecast, press and hold the button for at least 25 seconds.

This will factory reset your device and clear all data from it. You may need to hold the button for longer if your device is unresponsive.

After you’ve held the button for about 30 seconds, a light should start flashing on your Chromecast.

Once this happens, release the button and wait for a few minutes before turning off or disconnecting your device. Your Chromecast should now be reset and ready to use! But before plugging it back into your TV, try plugging it into a power outlet with an Ethernet connection to see if that fixes any issues. If not, contact Google Support for further assistance.

Use the steps below to find your Chromecast serial number. If you do have an Ethernet cable handy, try connecting it to your television’s HDMI port and then connect the other end of the cable to one of the two ports on your Chromecast (the second port is usually labelled ethernet).

2. Hold down the button

The reset button is located on the back of your Chromecast. To reset your device, hold down the button for at least 25 seconds.

This will factory reset your Chromecast and erase all data from the device.

If you’re having trouble resetting your Chromecast, try these tips:

  • 1. Make sure that your Chromecast is plugged into a power outlet.
  • 2. If you’re using a USB port on a TV or monitor, try a different port.
  •  3. Disconnect any ethernet cables connected to your Chromecast.
  • 4. Disconnect any HDMI cables connected to your Chromecast.

After disconnecting all cables, unplug the power cord from the wall socket. Remove and reinsert the battery by turning it over twice.

Plug the power cord back in and turn on your TV before pressing your Chromecast’s reset button again to complete this process.


Once done, plug in the rest of your cables. Congratulations! You have successfully reset your Chromecast. Please remember that if you want to watch Netflix on your Chromecast, you’ll need to download the Netflix app onto your mobile device first.

With YouTube, many videos can be streamed life right on your TV.

A popular example is Buzzfeed. With Google Play Music and Pandora, you can listen to playlists on demand without commercials while still being able to control what plays next with just one tap.

3. Wait for the light

The first step is to wait for the light on your Chromecast to turn orange.

This indicates that your device is ready to be reset. Once the light is orange, press and holds the button on the back of the Chromecast for at least 25 seconds.

After 25 seconds have passed, release the button and wait for the Chromecast to restart. The device will take a minute or two to reboot, and you’ll know it’s finished when the light turns white again.

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You’re all set! Your Chromecast should now work as if it were new out of the box. If your problem persists, make sure you’re running the latest version of the Google Home app.

If this doesn’t help either, try connecting the power cord to another outlet or using a different cable before contacting customer service with questions about troubleshooting your device.

You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord from both the TV and the Chromecast itself. Finally, if none of these options works for you, use Google Assistant to locate your lost Chromecast.

Google Assistant is available on phones like Pixel 3 by saying Hey Google or Ok Google, followed by commands like Find my phone or Show me nearby devices.

4. Restart your device

Sometimes, the best way to fix a problem is to simply restart your device. This can help clear up any minor glitches that may be causing your issue.

To restart your Chromecast, simply unplug it from the power outlet and then plug it back in. Wait a minute or two for it to boot back up, and then try again.

If you’re still having issues, reset the router: Occasionally, you’ll need to reset your router.

Do this by powering down the modem and all of its connected devices (such as a wireless printer), waiting 10 seconds, and then turning them back on one at a time until everything is powered on once more. Give each piece of equipment about five minutes to reconnect with the network before trying again.

Change Wi-Fi channels: If you have other routers nearby that are running on the same channel as yours, they could be interfering with your signal and creating some lag when streaming video content. Try changing your Wi-Fi channel so there’s less interference from other networks nearby.

It will also ensure the strongest possible connection to ensure the best possible performance.

Check out this handy guide from Google on how to find your Wi-Fi channel and change it if necessary. Factory reset your Chromecast: In very rare cases, you might need to factory reset your Chromecast using these instructions from Google.

5. Enjoy free HD content

1. Open the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Tap the device you want to reset.

3. In the top right corner of the home screen, tap More.

4. Tap Settings Factory reset.

5. A confirmation message will appear asking if you’re sure you want to reset your device to factory settings.

Tap Reset for the No and Yes buttons.

6. Wait a few minutes while your device resets and updates before continuing with Step 7 below.

7. Now, select the country where you bought your Chromecast (i.e., the United States).

Then select the country where you live (i.e., Brazil). Finally, enter a Wi-Fi network password that is not shared with any other devices in this location and click Next. The Chromecast will now connect to your Wi-Fi network and reboot.

To set up the device after it has completed rebooting, follow these steps:

  1. Select Setup at the bottom of the home screen.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions as they appear. If you have any questions about completing the setup, please see our Support Site by clicking here!

How do I set up Chromecast after a factory reset?

1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast device.

2. Open the Google Home app.

3. Tap the Add button.

4. Select Set up device.

5. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the setup.

You’ll need to connect a phone, tablet, or laptop to your TV and make sure it’s turned on. Once you’ve gone through this process once, connecting a new Chromecast will be much easier next time.

It’s also easy to factory reset if you’re having problems with the hardware (if your Chromecast won’t turn on, for example). Just follow these steps:

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Unplug HDMI cable from Chromecast device.

Hold down the reset button located at the back of the device for 25 seconds then release. Wait for 10 seconds before plugging in the power cord and HDMI cable again.

After this, set up again using Google Home App by following steps 1 -5. And that’s how to reset Chromecast! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

How do I reconnect my Chromecast to WiFi?

If you’re having trouble connecting your Chromecast to WiFi, resetting it may help. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Unplug the power cord from your Chromecast device.
  2. Wait about 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the power cord back into your Chromecast device.
  4.  Press the button on your Chromecast device and hold for 20 seconds until all of the lights start flashing at once, then release.
  5. You’ll see three solid lights when reconnected to WiFi.
  6. Your Chromecast will automatically try to find the last saved WiFi network unless you change this setting.
  7. For more details about what just happened, read this troubleshooting guide here.
  8. Enjoy!

How to Reset Chromecast from Google Home App

The first step is to open the Google Home app on your mobile device. Then, tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings.

Next, scroll down and tap on More settings. From there, select Reset. Finally, follow the prompts to reset your Chromecast. That’s it! Your Chromecast will now be wiped clean of all previous activity.

You can set up your Chromecast again by following the steps below:

  • Plug your power cord into an outlet and plug the other end into your TV or display. If you have a spare HDMI cable, connect it from the TV to your Chromecast unit.
  • Connect the Micro-USB power adapter to the Chromecast and then to an electrical outlet. Insert a USB storage device with compatible video files onto your computer.
  • Connect your computer with the USB storage device to your TV using another HDMI cable. In some cases, you may need additional cables for this step.

How to Factory Reset Chromecast

1. Plug your Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and power it on.

2. On your TV, open the Google Home app and tap the Devices button in the top-right corner.

3. Find your Chromecast device and tap the three dots next to it, then select Settings.

4. Scroll down and tap Factory reset, then confirm by tapping Reset when prompted.

5. Wait for a few minutes for the process to complete, then unplug your Chromecast from the TV and plug it back in for a fresh start! The Google Home app will also let you know that the factory reset is completed.

You’re all set! Your Chromecast should now be restored to its original settings with no third-party apps installed.

Your Chromecast device will restart automatically after completing the factory reset process. After this process, there should be nothing on your screen other than what comes out of your TV or computer’s speakers.

If you still see something playing through your Chromecast, go ahead and hit the back button on your remote until you reach a black screen.

Now check, if everything goes well, your TV should have switched over to show whatever was playing before you reset your Chromecast (though it may take a little while).

However, If not, check the list of compatible devices above and make sure everything is plugged in correctly.

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