How to Root BLU G60 Using Magisk (Latest)

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How to Root BLU G60 Using Magisk

How to Root BLU G60 Using Magisk: BLU G60 has one of the most recent smartphones sent off by the BLU brand. It runs on stock Android 9.0 Pie which has advanced for low-specs smartphones. To empower root access through Magisk, then, at that point, this guide is for you. Here we have shared the required downloads, pre-necessities, and how to Root BLU G60 Using Magisk without TWRP Recovery.

As Android clients, the greater part of us needs to modify our Android devices vigorously. Rooting an Android device opens the limitless conceivable outcomes of customizations that incorporate introducing established applications, sleeping foundation running errands, further developing battery duration, lock screen or status bar changes, and so on. It additionally offers to uninstall framework applications, alter/erase framework root documents, and introduce custom modules. The sky is the limit from there. These things can’t conceivable without roots.

What is Magisk?

What is Magisk

There are two most well-known and broadly utilized rooting strategies accessible like SuperSU and Magisk. Both the SuperSU and Magisk offer root access yet these days, the majority of the designers and clients lean toward Magisk. Magisk is a framework less root that empowers root access over the framework parts without influencing the framework center documents.

In this manner, Magisk modifies and stores the transitory records in the device boot parcel. This is a very protected technique and viable too. It doesn’t hamper Google’s SafetyNet security include and other banking applications additionally turn out great with Magisk. Magisk accompanies a Magisk Manager application that offers established device status, downloading and introducing custom modules on your device, and the sky is the limit from there.

What is Rooting?

What is Rooting

Rooting is the most common way of permitting clients of smartphones, tablets, and different devices running the Android versatile working framework to accomplish advantaged command over different Android subsystems. As Android utilizes the Linux part, rooting an Android device gives comparative admittance to managerial authorizations as on Linux or some other Unix-like working framework like FreeBSD or macOS.

Now, we will direct you bit by bit, first of all, will utilize the Magisk by fixing the authority stock boot picture, and the blaze on the BLU G60 boot parcel. You should have to download the fixed picture document from Magisk Manager and glimmer it. A Lot of individuals don’t have the foggiest idea and they contrast rooting and hacking. We might want to clear to you that rooting is something else and hacking different thing. Rooting is awesome to open a ton of elements of the G60.


  1. The Stock ROM and Boot Image File are just for the BLU G60 model.
  2. Make a point to take a total reinforcement of your device information from the start.
  3. Charge your device battery to over 60% at any rate.
  4. You will require a PC/Laptop and a USB link.
  5. Download every one of the necessary documents below.

How to Root BLU G60 Using Magisk

1. Steps to Extract and Patch Boot Image using Magisk

Steps to Extract and Patch Boot Image using Magisk

  1. You need to download and extricate the ROM to your PC.
  2. Connect your device through a USB link and duplicate just the boot.img record from the separated envelope to your device stockpiling.
  3. Open the Magisk Manager application on your device. When a popup seems to request to introduce Magisk, select Install and decide to introduce once more.
  4. Tap on the “Fix Boot Image File”.
  5. Go to inner capacity and select your telephone’s boot picture that you moved before.
  6. Sit tight for two or three seconds. Magisk will begin fixing the boot picture.
  7. When the boot picture has been fixed, duplicate the “fixed boot. img” from the inside stockpiling and supplant it in a similar extricated ROM organizer on your PC.
  8. Now, you really want to follow the second means to streak the fixed boot picture record.

2. Install Android SDK

You, first and foremost, need to introduce the Android SDK Platform Tools on your PC. As some of you are as of now mindful this is the suggested official ADB and Fastboot parallel given by Google. Simply download it and concentrate it on any advantageous area on your PC. Then you will have the stage apparatuses envelope, which is fundamental for the cycle.

How To Install the Patched Boot Image on BLU G60

Follow the given connect to introduce the Patched Boot Image on BLU G60:

  1. We expect that you have previously downloaded the ADB and Fastboot instrument from the connection given previously.
  2. Presently, extricate the ADB fastboot instrument, then move the fixed boot picture to a similar envelope.
  3. Hold the Shift key and right-click on the mouse to open the order window/PowerShell. Order window/PowerShell

Then, enter the accompanying order:

  • Streak the “patched_boot.img” to introduce Magisk and root your Android gadget: fastboot streak boot patched_boot.image
  • For devices with an A/B parcel framework, utilize the accompanying orders: fastboot streak boot_a patched_boot.image. fastboot streak boot_b patched_boot.image
  • Kindly supplant [patched_boot.img] with the name of the boot picture record you downloaded followed by the .img augmentation.

Unlock BLU G60 Bootloader

In the third step, you want to open the bootloader of the telephone. Absolutely always remember that opening will wipe all the gadget information. Thus, play out a total reinforcement ahead of time and afterward allude to our aide on How to Unlock the Bootloader on BLU G60.

Extract Boot. img from BLU G60

Then you need to download the firmware for your BLU G60. You need to download the very variant that is as of now introduced onto your gadget. In the wake of downloading, separate the document to a reasonable area on your PC. Now go to the removed Firmware envelope and see whether you can see the boot.img document. Simply move this document to your telephone and follow me.

Patch Stock Boot.img via Magisk

  1. First and foremost introduce the Magisk application to your telephone. Understand More: Everything about Magisk.
  2. Furthermore, affirm whether the boot. img has been moved to the gadget.
  3. Presently tap on the Install button. (see beneath picture)
  4. In the Options menu, empower both the Preserve Force Encryption and Recovery Mode choices.
  5. Then, at that point, tap Next.
  6. You will be explored the Method determination screen. Presently pick Select and Patch a document.
  7. In the following stage, peruse the separated boot.img record and select it.
  8. Furthermore, tap in the Let’s Go button, and Magisk will presently stack the boot.img record and begin fixing.
  9. You will see a message saying Download Complete once the fixing is finished.
  10. Then the fixed boot picture document will be saved as magisk_patched.img in Internal Storage > Downloads.
  11. You can rename the document by erasing the irregular numbers toward the finish of the name. So the document will be named magisk_patched.image.

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