How to Root Huawei G9 Plus using Magisk [Latest]

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How to Root Huawei G9 Plus using Magisk

How to Root Huawei G9 Plus using Magisk: Assuming you’re searching for a method for rooting your Huawei G9 Plus utilizing Magisk and without installing TWRP. Then this guide is by and large the thing you really want. I will show you the total strides to Root this device with Magisk. The means are simple enough that even a fledgling can track.

Rooting your device will give you admittance to a wide range of incredible highlights, for example, having the option to introduce custom ROMs, systemless Xposed framework, and different mods that would have in any case been inaccessible on an unrooted Android device. The cycle framed in this blog entry requires no information on blazing or rooting devices at all. Simple enough for anybody who knows how to utilize a PC and has some free time. Regardless of whether they’ve ever rooted a phone.

What is Rooting Android?

What is Rooting Android

Rooting an Android device is a process in that users do not limit the use of their device. It enables modifying your device’s operating system and gives access to core files. The main intention of this process is to remove all default restrictions set by the manufacturer so you can modify and delete anything you want from the ROM of your device. Once rooting Android has been completed, users are given admin privileges. This means they have full control over every setting on the phone or tablet. This means removing bloatware will be easier than ever before.

Advantages of Rooting

Advantages of Rooting

  1. Simple to introduce Custom ROMs.
  2. Streak Magisk Modules.
  3. Eliminating pre-introduced OEM applications.
  4. Advertisement obstructing for all applications.
  5. Introducing contrary applications.
  6. More presentation choices and inside stockpiling.
  7. More prominent battery duration and speed.
  8. Making full device reinforcements.
  9. Admittance to framework records.
  10. Central processor Clocking.
  11. Really tweaking.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  1. It can block your device.
  2. No more guarantee.
  3. Root and superuser access.
  4. Tweaking gambles.
  5. Promotion hindering.
  6. Update issues.


  1. The cycle will clear all information off of the device, so kindly back up any data you would rather not be lost prior to continuing with this establishment.
  2. Prior to moving to the means, completely charge your Huawei G9 Plus device to keep away from any errors simultaneously.
  3. You want to download and introduce ADB drivers on your PC. In the event that you don’t have a driver, your phone won’t be perceived by your PC.

How to Root Huawei G9 Plus using Magisk

Introducing Magisk on your phone improves the method involved with establishing. There are two stages to introducing it, opening the bootloader and blazing an adjusted boot picture. The opening permits you to streak informal pictures and adjust framework documents.

1. Unlock Bootloader on Huawei G9 Plus

Unlock Bootloader on Huawei G9 Plus

Android phones frequently incorporate secure locks and a locked Bootloader, which keep clients from introducing a custom working system, blazing, and rooting their devices.

Opening the bootloader on an Android telephone is fundamental for the people who need to streak Custom ROMs, Root, and considerably more. You can’t get as far without opening the bootloader, which forestalls establishing and blazing custom pictures, causing it essential before you continue with different advances.

2. Install Magisk App and Patch Boot Image

Install Magisk App and Patch Boot Image

To start with, you want to Download the Stock firmware document for the Huawei G9 Plus device. There are different sources from which you can download the Huawei firmware.

When we get the firmware, we separate it, and we will get the boot picture record. We will fix this boot picture document with the assistance of the Magisk application and afterward streak it on the telephone to acquire root access.

  1. After you have downloaded the firmware document, remove it.
  2. Open the separated organizer and duplicate the boot.img document to your telephone.
  3. Download the most recent Magisk App and Install it.
  4. Open the Magisk App from the application cabinet.
  5. Go to Install > tap on “Select and Patch a File.”
  6. Explore where you duplicated boot.img document and select it.
  7. When you chose the document, tap on “LET’S GO.”
  8. Hold on until Magisk patches the boot picture document. The fixed boot picture (magisk_patched.IMG) record can be viewed in the “Downloads envelope.”
  9. Rename magisk_patched.img to boot.img once more.
  10. Duplicate the boot.img record to your PC/PC.

3. Flash Magisk patched boot image

Flash Magisk patched boot image

Whenever you have replicated the boot picture record to PC, presently you want to move this document to this area – C:\adb.

  1. When you are inside the ADB organizer. Type “cmd” in the location bar.
  2. Presently order brief window will show up on your screen.
  3. Interface your Huawei device to your PC.
  4. On the order line window, type the below order and hit Enter.
  5. This will show the rundown of associated devices. Check to assume your device is appearing on the order line windows. Assuming it is appearing, that implies your telephone is effectively associated with your PC.
  6. The above order will boot your phone into fast boot mode. Then, type the beneath order to streak the boot picture record and again hit Enter.
  7. We have effectively streaked the boot picture document. Presently Reboot your telephone by entering the below order.
  8. That is all there is to it. Your Huawei G9 Plus cell phone is effectively Rooted utilizing Magisk.

4. Verify Root Access on Huawei G9 Plus

To check on the off chance that your Huawei device is established effectively or not, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Open Magisk App from the application cabinet.
  2. You will see the choice to “Uninstall Magisk,” which shows that your telephone is established effectively.


We want to believe that you have tracked down our instructional exercise on Rooting Huawei G9 Plus with the assistance of Magisk to be enlightening. With these directions, your device will be established in a couple of straightforward advances and chugging along as expected once more.

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