How to Root LG K61, Ultimate Guide – Take Screenshots, Factory Reset, Send GIF

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The LG K61 is a good quality Android phone. The current article is intended to be a complete guide in letting you make the best use of the LG K61 smartphone. You can find details about how to root your phone, how to take screenshots, how to do a hard and soft reset, and sending GIFs.

How to Root LG K61 Without a PC?

Rooting your Android smartphone opens new doors for you. You can enable new features and functionalities by rooting your LG K61 smartphone. The process for rooting your smartphone using a PC and without a PC are discussed below:

You may not have a computer for rooting your LG K61 smartphone. Do not worry, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to root your phone without using a computer:

  1. Download the Kingroot application on your phone’s SD card.
  2. Go to the SD card and click on “Kingroot”. Check the “unknown sources” box.
  3. Once done, click on install to start the installation process.
    Installation Process
  4. Wait till the Kingroot application installation is complete. Open the app and tap on the “try to root” tab.
    Kingroot application
  5. Your phone will start rooting. Wait till the rooting is finished. Your smartphone will reboot once the rooting is completed. Once your phone reboots, it is rooted.

Rooting LG K61 with PC

You can root your phone by connecting it to a PC. The following steps will help to root your LG K61 smartphone using a PC:

  1. Download the latest version of Legit Root Tools
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab of your phone.
  3. Click on the “About Phone” tab and scroll down to the “build number”.
  4. Tap 7 times on the “build number”. You will get a message- “You are now a developer”. This means that developer options are enabled on your phone.
    build number
  5. Go to the “developer options” and enable USB Debugging.
  6. Install Legit Root Tools on your computer and open it.
  7. Connect your smartphone with your computer using a USB cable.
  8. Your computer will read the LG K61 smartphone automatically. If not, you can choose it manually.LG K61
  9. The phone may ask permission for “allow USB debugging”. You need to check “always allow from this computer” and click OK.
    LG K61
  10. Once the phone is detected, click on the root button and wait. The rooting process will be completed after which your phone will reboot. After rebooting, you will get a rooted LG K61 smartphone.

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Why You Should Consider Rooting an LG K61 Smartphone?

Rooting a smartphone gives you developer privileges. You can make changes to the operating system of your smartphone that was otherwise not possible. Rooting allows you to make the most of your LG K61 smartphone. You can make changes to the battery life, RAM, and overall functioning of the phone. You will find that your smartphone runs more smoothly and at faster speeds. The problem of a phone getting frequently hanged, chocked, etc. is visibly reduced by rooting.

How to Take Screenshots in LG K61

Taking a screenshot has become very popular. It is an effective way of keeping a track of important information and instantly sharing the same with others. Taking a screenshot helps to capture specific information, notification, error messages, etc. that you want to share with other parties. However, you should be careful while taking screenshots and avoid capturing private or confidential data while doing so.

It is very simple to take screenshots on your LG K61 smartphone. You can use the following methods/processes to capture screenshots on it:

Taking Screenshots Using Hardware Buttons

The simplest way to capture screenshots on your LG K61 smartphone is to use the hardware buttons. You can use the hardware button and follow the below-mentioned steps for capturing screenshots.

  1. Prepare the screen on your phone for which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Press the power button and volume down button simultaneously to capture the screenshot. You can capture video screenshot also by pressing the power button and volume up button.Prepare the screenImage Source:
  3. Your screenshot will be saved in the gallery. Open the gallery and start sharing the screenshot captured.

Taking Screenshots Using Notification Panel

You can use the notification panel for capturing a screenshot on the LG K61 smartphone. The following steps will help you capture a screenshot using the notification panel.

  1. Open the screen you want to take a screenshot of on your LG K61 smartphone.
  2. Pull down the notification panel and tap on “capture”.
  3. Your screenshot will be saved in the gallery of your phone.

Where are Screenshots Saved?

The screenshots you take on your LG K61 smartphone, are saved in the gallery. You can visit the gallery and check the saved screenshots. You can share the screenshots through a variety of apps with your loved ones.

Taking Backup of Screenshots

You can consider taking backups of saved screenshots. Some important screenshots can get irrecoverable if there is any damage to your phone. You can save the backup on a microSD card, an external USB drive, or the could. You can use Google Photos to take a backup of saved screenshots. Once you save a screenshot, you will be prompted by Google Photos on whether you want to take a backup or not. If you agree to take the backup, all your screenshots will be automatically backed up in Google Photos. This will assure you that all your important screenshots are safe and backed up.

How to Factory Reset LG K61

There may be times when your smartphone does not function properly. It can start malfunctioning after software updates or installing some apps. You may want to restore the smartphone to its original condition and functionality. Doing a factory reset lets you achieve the same. You can perform a factory reset on your LG K61 to restore it to the settings it was manufactured and shipped with. The steps for performing a factory reset on the LG K61 smartphone are discussed below:

  1. Switch off your LG K61 smartphone by pressing the power button.
    LG K61 smartphone
    Image Source:
  2. Wait for a few seconds after the phone is switched off. Now press the power button and volume down button at the same time.
     few seconds after the phone is switched off
  3. Release the power button as soon as you see the LG logo on the phone’s screen.
  4. Go to the “settings” tab and scroll to the “backup” option.
  5. Click on the backup tab and tap on the “factory data reset”. You will be prompted whether to delete the entire data and default settings. Select “yes” by using volume keys and confirm your choice by pressing the power button.
  6. The factory reset on your LG K61 smartphone is complete.

Why You May Need to Hard Reset Your LG K61 Smartphone?

Hard resetting your smartphone can resolve some of its technical problems. Your phone’s software or applications may have crashed, and you may find it difficult to operate your phone smoothly. In some cases, your phone may malfunction after a software update. You can do a factory reset of your phone to restore the original settings it was shipped with. You may want to regain the original functionality of your smartphone.

Doing a factory reset helps you restore your phone to its original functionality. You should also do a factory reset of your smartphone before selling it. doing so will wipe it clean of any personal and sensitive information.

Will a Factory Reset Delete the Data on the MicroSD Card?

Bring up factory reset will not erase the data on your micro SD card. While doing the factory reset ensure that you do not select the option to format the micro SD card. As long as you do so, the data on your micro SD card will remain safe even if you do a factory reset of your LG K61 smartphone.

Will a Factory Reset Unroot my LG K61 Smartphone?

If you have a rooted LG K61 smartphone, doing a factory reset on it will not Unroot it. You will be able to retain all your customized settings on your rooted smartphone.

How to Restart/Reboot LG K61

Restarting/rebooting your LG K61 smartphone can help solve minor technical problems. you can experience that your phone is getting hanged, clogged, or applications are crashing. In such cases, you can restart your phone (also known as a soft reset) to get rid of these issues. Doing a soft reset on your LG K61 smartphone is very easy and it helps to resolve the problems instantly. You can perform the following steps for doing a soft reset on your LG K61 smartphone:

  1. Press the power button on your phone for a few seconds.
  2. Confirm on the power off button to switch off your LG K61 smartphone.
  3. Once the phone is switched off, wait for a few seconds before powering it on.
  4. Press the power button again for a few seconds. Your phone will restart, and the soft reset process has been completed on it.

How Soft Reset is Different from Hard Reset?

A soft reset is meant for resolving minor technical issues on your smartphones. You do not run this risk of losing your data or saved settings while doing a soft reset. This means that all the file settings and features on your smartphone remain intact when you do a soft reset. Factory reset or hard reset should be done for resolving major technical issues on your smartphone.

Before you do a hard reset, you should ensure to take a backup of all these data on your phone. You should not do a factory reset regularly on your smartphone for minor issues.

How to Send GIFs in LG K61?

GIFs are an interesting way to communicate your message. They can add excitement to mundane text messages. There are various ways of sending GIFs from your LG K61 smartphone that are discussed below:

Sending GIFs on Text Messages

You can send GIFs on text messages through the following steps:

  1. Open the message application.
  2. Click on “Start Chat” and start a new conversation with a contact.
  3. Tap on the “+” sign.
  4. Click on GIF Search.
    Click on GIF Search
  5. You will see a few categories of GIFs. Click on a particular category to see GIFs of that theme. If you cannot find your category, type the GIF search term in the search bar provided at the top.
  6. Tap on the GIF you want to add to your message. If needed, write a message to be sent along with the GIF.
  7. Hit the send button. You have successfully sent a GIF from your phone.

Sending GIFs Using Google Keyboard

You can send GIFs using the Google Keyboard through a compatible app. You should follow the below-mentioned steps for doing so:

smiley icon

  1. Go to an existing conversation or start a new one.
  2. Tap on the text message to enable the Google Keyboard.
  3. Click on the smiley icon, next to the space bar.
  4. Tap on GIF on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Search the GIFs by keywords or themes. Select the GIF you want to send.
  6. Hit the send button.

Hit the send button
Image Source:

Sending GIFs with GIPHY 

You can consider using GIPHY for sending GIFs from your LG K61 smartphone. You can also upload your self-created GIFs on GIPHY. The steps for sending GIFs using GIPHY are as follows:

  1. Open GIPHY
  2. Use the search bar to find the GIFs of your choice. You can use keywords for searching thematic GIFs.
  3. Tap on the GIF of your choice.
  4. Write a message if you want and tap on the Send button to send the GIF from your phone.

Image Source:

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