How to Root OnePlus 8 (Step by Step)

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OnePlus 8 is coming with amazing features, and OnePlus is releasing two phones per year. Recently OnePlus 7T has released, and it was a dream phone for many OnePlus users. But still, there are rumors that OnePlus will come int he mid of 2020. But officially there is no exact News. As we all know that One Plus one was released in 2014. Now question in the mind of every OnePLus users that when OnePlus 8 is going to release? But in this guide, we will help you to root OnePlus 8 in different ways.

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What are the advantages of Rooting OnePlus 8?

Yes, those who know about what is root and how to deal with the Phone after root? These people already know the advantages of rooting the OnePlus 8, but don’t worry; we are again here writing the cons of OnePlus 8.

  • After root the OnePlus 8, you will get complete control on your OnePlus Phone.
  • You can replace the system applications and settings easily.
  • You can run any app you want that needs the administration level.
  • There are options that you can rename any application or information of the device operating system.
  • You can easily Install custom ROM on OnePlus 8.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting OnePlus 8?

The disadvantage of rooting the Phone is not so much, but yes, you should know what you are going to lose after root the OnePlus 8 Phone.

  • If any malware release on OnePlus devices, your Phone has maximum chances that it will contain malware. Make sure after rooting the Phone; your OnePlus 8 has secure antivirus software.
  • You will lose the warranty once you root the OnePlus 8.
  • If there are some problems during root, maybe your OnePlus 8 will brick. So you need to follow each step carefully.

Features of OnePlus 8

Before going into the root section, let’s take a look at some stunning features of OnePlus 8 as it is a more fantastic Phone ever.

  • The Phone has a sleek design and looks more decent than the previous OnePlus versions.
  • The snapdragon of 855 plus chipset and OnePlus 8 is designed for gaming purposes.
  • OnePlus 8 has a new feature that enables Google to pay in their devices. For now, it is available in india.
  • The fast battery charger with a 20% fast charger. According to the official OnePlus 8, the charger can charge the device in about one hour.
  • The overall battery performance is fantastic, and it can last for 18 hours continuously.
  • Battery power is 3800mAh.
  • Triple Camera Setup with Macro Lens.

Important Instructions Before Rooting OnePlus 8

There are three critical points, and we want you to focus on these points before going into the next section to root your OnePlus 8 Phone.

  1. A battery of your Phone must charge fully. So that during the root process, we don’t get any problems.
  2. Before root, the second step is essential, which is you have to unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 8. You can’t go in the next step without unlocking. So it is necessary. Click on the link to read the guide.
  3. Do Install TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 8.

TechFlog will not responsible if something goes down during the process of OnePlus 8. Therefore, make sure you are following the steps carefully.

How to Root OnePlus 8

There are many methods to root your OnePlus 8. For example, you can root using the SuperSU, using the KingRoot, using the KingoRoot, with the magisk. In this guide, we will see all the four methods to root OnePlus 8.

Method#1 – Root OnePlus 8 using SuperSU

This method is standard, and you can easily apply on your Phone. Follow the steps carefully:

  • We hope that you have already installed the TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 8. Because we have to flash a zip file from TWRP. In this step, we are assuming that you have done with installing the TWRP on Phone. Check the above section “three important points” you will get the link to install TWRP there.
  • In the second step, download SuperSU Zip File. You can download the file on PC and then move the file into an internal memory of your OnePlus 8. Now we hope that you have saved the file in the internal chipset memory of your OnePlus 8.
  • This time you have to Boot your OnePlus 8 into TWRP recovery mode. Don’t know how to do this? Check below:

Check: How to Boot OnePlus 8 into TWRP Recovery

  • Once you Boot into TWRP recovery, you may see two options there: 1: Tap on install 2: Tap on flash.
  • Click on Tap on Flash, or if you see Tap on the flash, you can click on any of these options.
  • Select the SuperSU file that you have saved in your OnePlus 8 Storage.
  • After then Click on Confirm Flash.
  • We hope you have Clicked on Confirm Flash option. This time reboot the OnePlus 8 phone. The Phone will restart in a few seconds.
  • Congrats! You have successfully root the OnePlus 8.

In case you don’t like this method, and we recommend to go for our next method.

Method#2 – Root OnePlus 8 Using KingRoot

With the help of this method, you can root OnePlus 8 without a computer. In other words, you can say that you can easily root OnePlus 8 without a PC. Follow the below instructions step by step.

  • First of all, download the KingRoot app on your OnePlus 8.
  • Install the App on OnePlus 8. (App is secure, and you can download and install, don’t worry. We have tested).
  • Before installing the App, make sure you have enabled the unknown sources in Android Phone by going into the settings.
  • Because App is not available on Playstore, and you have to download the file manually.
  • Open the App on your OnePlus 8. Click on the option, “No Root Permission.”
  • It will take a few seconds, sit behind, and don’t touch the Phone.
  • Congrates, OnePlus 8 has rooted.

That’s All

Method#3 – Root OnePlus 8 With Magisk

The method to root OnePlus 8 will go long if we start discussing this method 3 here. This method will work with PC means you can root OnePlus 8 with PC. Therefore, we recommend reading our step by step method to root OnePlus 8 With Magisk using the below link.

Check: How to Root OnePlus 8 With Magisk

Method#4: Root OnePlus 8 using KingoRoot

This method is also secure, but you need to install the KingoRoot App. We recommend you to install the PC version of this App.

Let’s take a look at how you can do it quickly?

  • You can download the KingoRoot App from here.
  • The App is available for PC Version. So save the PC Version of App in any folder.
  • Install and Launch the Application on your Laptop or PC.
  • Enable the USB Debugging on OnePlus 8.
  • Connect Your OnePlus 8 with the PC.
  • Allow USB Debugging, if you see the option on Phone.

KingoRoot will automatically install all the OnePlus 8 drivers. You don’t need to install it manually. This will take few minutes depends on the size of the files.

  • Allow USB Debugging on PC and click on the OK option that you will see on your OnePlus 8.
  • Click on the Root Option; your Phone will start rooting.
  • The process takes time and gives the OnePlus 8 some time once your Phone rooted.

Are you facing issues in any of the above steps? We recommend to reread the step or follow the method again. Or you can also write to us in the comments. We will read the comment and apply it to you as soon as possible.

What’s New In OnePlus 8 Camera?

We have seen that Portrait mode has got some upgradation. On the other hand, Night Scape Mode has also gained more updates. The biggest thing that comes this time is a setup of a triple camera. You can get the more stable video in stable mode.

Final Words:

We have discussed four methods to Root OnePlus 8 with PC and root OnePlus 8 without PC. So all the ways are comfortable, and in the KingRoot method, you don’t need even a computer. If you have any question, let us know.

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