A Complete Guide about How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9

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Why Root a Samsung Galaxy Phone?

If you want to root your Samsung Galaxy S series phones, you will need to follow the correct procedure. Following the steps in a proper way allows you to successfully root Galaxy S7, S8, and S9 phones. We will guide you to a complete step by step process. The benefits of rooting a Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and S9 phone will let you install custom-built ROMs. These ROMs get the latest Android updates because old Galaxy models do not receive updates from Google.

Samsung has been lagging in providing updates for older model Galaxy phones. Xiaomi and other brands do provide updates, but these phones are difficult to root and there is a waiting period. However, a Samsung Galaxy phone is rootable quickly and with ease. Rooting a phone to install a new custom ROM allows you to get more developer options and phone functions.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7
How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7

Important Steps to take first when rooting Galaxy S7, S8, S9

First of all, you will need to note down your Galaxy S7, S8, or S9 phone’s model. This is essential because you do not want your device to become a brick. What does a brick device mean? It means that you did not use the correct version of programs to root your device, and now it is bricked. Getting bricked literally means that the device becomes a type of brick that is it will not operate anymore. Therefore, follow the next steps in the proper way and order.

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  1. Go to settings. Search “About Phone” and note down the model no. of the Galaxy phone you want to root.
  2. Go to Software information in the phone settings. Click on the “Build number” multiple times until the “Developer Options” appear under settings.
  3. Make sure to make the “OEM” option to unlock the position under “Developer Options”.
  4. Allow “USB Debugging”, under “Developer Options”.
  5. Download the latest Samsung USB drivers for your Samsung Device.
  6. Charge your phone to its full capacity.
  7. Backup important files like contacts, pictures, and others because they will get deleted.
  8. Download the necessary installation files. We will tell you about these in the next section.

How to Root Galaxy S7?

These are the steps you will have to take when rooting Galaxy S7.

  1. Backup your important files.
  2. Charge your phone to maximum.
  3. Perform all the steps to take first told to you in the section above.
  4. Note down your Galaxy S7 model number and software version.
  5. Download Galaxy S7 USB drivers.
  6. Download Magisk or SuperSu for Galaxy S7.
  7. According to your phone’s model number, download Samsung Odin for installing Recovery software.
  8. Install Samsung Odin on your computer.
  9. Download Official TWRP Recovery software.
  10. Run Odin as Admin. Right-click before running Odin, and select to run it as “Admin”.
  11. Turn off your Galaxy S7. Press and hold the Power button, Home button, and Volume down button simultaneously. This will boot your device into Download Mode.
  12. Connect your Phone via USB with your PC.
  13. The Odin will show that a device is connected. If this is so, click the AP option in Odin Software. Import TWRP’s .tar file for installing.
  14. As soon as you receive a message “Leave CS on log tab”, click the Start button and wait for the device to root.
  15. Your phone will restart a few times.
  16. When the process is complete, Galaxy S7 will restart in Android mode.
  17. Turn off your phone. Now press Volume Up, Power key, and the Home button to boot the phone into TWRP Recovery mode.
  18. Install SuperSu or Magisk using TWRP.

You can watch a tutorial on YouTube for rooting Galaxy S7.

How to root Galaxy S8?

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To root your Galaxy S8 phone, you will need Samsung Odin software. Download it and follow the steps below.

  1. Make a complete backup of your files.
  2. Charge your phone to its full capacity.
  3. Follow the steps in the first section of the article.
  4. Download Official Samsung Odin.
  5. You will have to download Magisk or SuperSu for your Galaxy S8.
  6. Run Odin software as “Admin” on your PC.
  7. Download the TWRP for Galaxy S8 (Exynos) phone model which you are rooting.
  8. Download TWRP for Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon), if you have a Snapdragon processor S8.
  9. Download Magisk or SuperSu software for your Galaxy S8 model no. You can watch YouTube tutorial for this.
  10. The TWRP Recovery software will be in .tar format file system.
  11. Connect your phone in download mode with your PC and open the Odin software window.
  12. In the AP folder place, the .tar file for TWRP and press start after the .tar file loads.
  13. When Odin says PASS, hold down Volume Up, Bixby Key, and Power button at the same time to boot the phone into Recovery. Check TWRP works.
  14. In TWRP, choose the Install option. Now select Magisk or SuperSu and install.
  15. You can watch a Galaxy S8 rooting tutorial on YouTube.

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How to root Galaxy S9?

Before you root your Galaxy S9, make a backup of all the important files. Download the Odin software, TWRP software, and the custom ROM. Follow these steps.

  1. Charge your phone to its maximum.
  2. Download Galaxy S9 USB drivers.
  3. Download Magisk or SuperSu according to your phone’s model number for rooting.
  4. Follow the steps in the first section of this article. Take the given steps to unlock OEM in developer options.
  5. Download the Exynos or Snapdragon version of TWRP in .tar format. This will depend on your phone’s model.
  6. Download and install Samsung Odin software.
  7. Run Odin as admin on your PC.
  8. Turn off the phone. Hold Bixby, Volume down, and power button to boot the phone into download mode.
  9. Connect the S9 phone via USB with a PC running Odin software.
  10. When you see that the phone is connected with Odin, put the .tar file of TWRP in the AP section of Odin.
  11. Press the Start button on Odin.
  12. When the process is done, turn off your phone.
  13. Now boot your phone into recovery mode by holding Bixby and Volume Up buttons together with pressing the Power key.
  14. Your phone will boot up in recovery mode and run TWRP.
  15. In TWRP Recovery mode, press INSTALL, and select the Magisk or SuperSu file. Install TWRP and restart your phone. All done.
  16. You can watch a YouTube tutorial if you still cannot root Galaxy S9. Also, Check how to root Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.


To root your Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, you will need Samsung Odin software. You must download the TWRP, SuperSu, Magisk, and custom Rom according to your phone’s model and processor type. Always make a backup of your important files and charge the phone full before you root your phone.

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