How to Spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone

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Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Many people want to know how to spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone when they want to follow other people’s activities on this platform. Facebook Messenger is the most popular Messenger app in the US. Apart from adults, teens use it to connect and interact. Unfortunately, criminals can also use this platform to bully or trick kids into doing wrong things. That’s why a parent might want to spy on Facebook Messenger to know who their kid interacts with and what they discuss on the platform. 

Reasons to Spy on Facebook Messages

Due to its popularity, Facebook attracts many teenagers. And this makes it a platform that criminals can quickly use to lure kids into dangerous activity. Of all the social networks, in 49% of cases, kids were cyberbullied on Facebook. Such statistics worry many parents with kids active on this social network. 

Also, children can use the platform to do unacceptable things like sharing prohibited images and learning about early sex and drug use. Apart from kids, employees can spend their otherwise productive time sharing messages. A lover can also use the platform to send illicit texts to someone they cheat with and conceal their infidelity. A Facebook spy app can reveal this and help you take the right action. 

Ways to Spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone 

Modern technology provides innovative Facebook spy applications that parents, wives, husbands, and employers can use to monitor their targets’ conversations on this platform. Perhaps, you can try any of these applications. 

Try Keylogger 

Try Keylogger

A keylogger is among the best cell phone spy apps. That’s because it records all keystrokes the target person makes when using their device and passes the information to you. Therefore, you can use a keylogger to spy on Facebook Messenger, and the target person won’t know. Additionally, you can use the app to get the target person’s Facebook username and password. And with this information, you can log into their account to read all conversations they exchange with others on Facebook Messenger.

Some features of the best keylogger app include:

  • Password and log files tracking 
  • Texts tracking 
  • Facebook Messenger monitoring 
  • Video and photo viewing 
  • Browser history monitoring 
  • Phone call tracking 

Many parents use a keylogger as a tool in their parental monitoring strategy. However, it’s also an effective tool for tracking what an employee or spouse does on this social media platform. Either way, a keylogger is an efficient tool that can provide helpful information. 

Use Spy Apps 

A Facebook Messenger spy app for iPhone is spy software that lets you monitor the target person’s activity, including tracking chats and other messages on this app. The app is hidden and runs in stealth mode, meaning the target person won’t know or suspect you’re monitoring their conversations on Facebook Messenger. Some spy apps work without jailbreaking or rooting the target person’s device. 

Here’s how the best iPhone spy apps work: 

  • Register for an online account using your email and create a password with the service provider. 
  • The service provider will send you a link via email with credentials to download and install the Facebook spy app for iPhone.  
  • Once you’ve installed and configured the app on the target device, it operates in stealth mode. 
  • You can monitor the target person’s Facebook Messenger activities via an online or app dashboard. 

An ideal Facebook Messenger spy app lets you view the conversation time and multimedia files and even track the device’s location in real-time. 

Try Password Reset Method 

Try Password Reset Method

Many people protect their socials with passwords most of the time. However, some individuals don’t use passwords to protect email address accounts. And that’s a rookie mistake and a jackpot for account hacking. If you physically access the target person’s iPhone and know the email address they used to create their Facebook account, you can access their Facebook Messenger and reset the password. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Navigate to Facebook and select “Find your account.”
  • Confirm the email address for Facebook to send the code. 
  • Reset the password using the link sent to the email address. 
  • Enter the security code. 
  • Delete the reset link email to cover your tracks. 
  • Create a new password and stay logged in. 

This technique facilitates Facebook spy free of charge. But if the target Facebook account uses two-step verification, find an online program for diverting the One-Time Passcode to your phone number. 

Clone the Phone 

Cloning the phone is another way to spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger. As the name suggests, cloning allows you to create an identical phone copy, including the phone’s confidential data and texts. Another mobile phone or software control panel clones and backs up the data on the target device. 

Thus, cloning the phone allows you to read somebody else’s Facebook conversations without target phone. Spy apps and phone clones access the target person’s texts remotely on another smartphone. And these spy apps clone the target phone’s outgoing and incoming texts, including social network conversations, such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Parents can clone their kids’ phones to monitor their Facebook conversations and ensure their safety. That’s because cloning provides a similar copy of the target device. Therefore, parents can even read deleted Facebook messages from the clone phones. 

While the clone can monitor calls, only the original phone gets the bill for them because the network provider doesn’t distinguish the clone from the actual phone. 

Try Phishing 

Try Phishing

Phishing entails creating a fake website resembling the original Facebook site and convincing the target to enter their login details on the login page. This technique can be challenging because not everybody has the necessary skills to create a fake Facebook login page. Nevertheless, if you make a fake Facebook login page, you can send it to the target person via email. 

If the target logs in, you will receive the login details and use them to access their Facebook account. The internet has many guides for creating clone websites, including a Facebook login page. The essential thing is to tweak the fake page to copy and store the victim’s login details. 

The message you send the victim with a fake Facebook login page should be pretty convincing and look genuine so that they don’t suspect phishing. And once they provide their login details, you can access their Facebook account and read Messenger conversations remotely.


Is there any iPhone spy app that can see Facebook messages?

If worried that your child, spouse, or employee is having conversations with the wrong people, you may pause and ask, “Is there any iPhone spy app that can see Facebook messages?” Luckily, you can find and install a Facebook spy app that will allow you to see all texts on the target person’s Messenger. 

Is it possible to spy on Facebook without access to the target phone?

Yes. You can spy on Facebook without access to target phone after installing the spy app. Some apps allow users to remotely install them, provided they have iCloud login details for the target devices. Others allow non-jailbreak installation. Thus, you can spy on Facebook without accessing the target device, provided you have the right app. 

Can I spy on Facebook Messenger secret conversations? 

Yes. You can spy on Facebook Messenger secret conversations using a spy app. The best app for spying on Facebook allows you to access and read all discussions on the target device. That’s because it gathers information and sends it to an online dashboard where you can access and read it. 

Is it possible to read deleted Facebook messages? 

Yes. You can read deleted Facebook messages using an appropriate spy app. An ideal app records and sends the messages to an online dashboard before the target person deletes them. That means you can access and read deleted messages from your online dashboard. And the good thing is that the target person won’t know it.  

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