How to Unlock the Bootloader Using Flashify (Without PC)

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In this guide, we are not going in detail on Flashify, we will mention the step by step guide to unlock the Bootloader using Flashify. There are many methods to unlock the Bootloader, but Flashify is one of these best methods to unlock Bootloader on any Android device.

If you are going to root LG W30 Pro, you have to unlock the Bootloader. Some of the methods are complex but with the help of flashify and KingoRoot. These are the free methods and easy to Unlock Bootloader of your device, either it is LG Stylo 5, or it is LG G8X ThinQ.

Before going into details, let’s take a look at some essential points that why we need to unlock Bootloader.

Why Unlock the Bootloader is Required?

It is necessary to unlock the Bootloader on many of the android devices. There are two types of phones. One is like Nexus phones are already unlockable phones, and you don’t need to unlock them. Other phones like LG, OnePlus, you have to unlock the Bootloader.

Whenever you are going to root or Install Flash ROMS on the phone, you have to unlock it. Now the question is, how you will know that your phone will require Unlock?

The answer is simple, go to your mobile category on the XDA Developers and read either your phone requires to unlock or not.


If your phone unlockable is not available, then, of course, you have to use third-party software to unlock. Like Huawei does not have options to unlock Bootloader on Huawei devices. So you use the third party.

Unlock Bootloader on Any Android Device Using Flashify

We will go step by step to install the Flashify app first from the play store. Once the app is installed, you can quickly go for unlocking bootloader steps.

Step#1: Download the Flashify App. 

Go to the play store and type Flashify. Just download and install the app from there. You can also download the flashify from here:

Step#2: Launch App and Accept Options

After installation, launch the app. It will ask you to accept some policies and show you the Disclaimer page. Once you accept the options, you will see a new window on which there will be three options, as you can see in the below screenshots.

Step#3: Click on Recovery Image

As you will see three options:

  • Boot Image
  • Recovery Image
  • Zip File

Tap on the Recovery Image; then, you will see a new Window to download TWRP Recovery.

How to Unlock the Bootloader Using Flashify (Without PC)

Step#4: Download TWRP

This step is important. We suggest that read it carefully. You will options like Choose a file and Download TWRP. If you have already a recovery file, then select the file and click on OK. Otherwise, click on Download TWRP and it will access your phone and download the TWRP Recovery file of your phone.

Another method to download the .img file: You can also download the file from TWRP Official website by selecting your model. Go to google search for and click on devices. Search for oyur device and download the .img file.

Step#5: Select your device and Unlock the bootloader without PC

Once you clicked on Download TWRP, it will show you the devices. You should choose your device and model number.


Don’t know your phone model number? Go to the Settings in your phone > About Phone > then click on Hardware Information.

You will see the Model Number there.

OK, now move forward, once you choose your phone model correctly. The app will ask you to flash recovery. Just click on YUP, or you will see the OK option. Click on OK.

Important Note:

Do not reboot your phone if the app asks you to reboot. We recommend that you should close the app and reboot your phone manually.

To reboot into the Recovery mode. Press the Power + Volume Down keys from your phone at the same time.

What another method to Unlock the Bootloader?

We recommend reading the below guide if you are looking for another way to unlock the Bootloader. Another way is a little tricky. It will ask you to install the proper drivers, and you have to put the Correct ADB commands to unlock the phone.

One Other Way: How to Unlock the Bootloader on Android Phone

Finally we reach at the conclusion:

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section. If any of the above links are not working, do let us know.

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