Increase The Energy Efficiency of Your Garage with These Tips and Tricks

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Efficiency of Your Garage

Is your garage attached to your home? Then it’s better to make it as energy-efficient as possible. Enhancing garage efficiency comes with numerous perks. From increasing your home’s value to offering added protection and attracting tax benefits, there’s so much you can reap. But how do you create an energy-efficient garage? Well, here are simple tips to help you get started:

Consider Sealing All the Floor Cracks

Floor cracks can easily allow cold air to seep its way into your garage. And this can make your garage to be extremely cold during winter. This cold can even make your living rooms cold as well. If water gets into those cracks, things can get worse.

So, if you want to keep your garage temperatures consistent, be sure to seal off those cracks. Adding parking mats can also help in soaking up moisture, hence keeping your garage safe. Plus, their absorbent properties can prevent future floor cracks, as well as, deterioration.

Energy Efficient Lighting

While their initial cost might be high, energy-efficient fixtures are long-lasting and consume up to eighty percent less energy. So, why pay more when you can readily find affordable LED lights on the market?

Think About Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

When shopping around for new garage doors, be sure to opt for customized models. Custom-made doors are generally more attractive and energy-efficient. It’s also imperative to consider adding windows to your garage doors. This will ensure that natural light enters your garage interior, hence eliminating the need for excess electric lighting.

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All The Garage Walls Should Be Insulated

Did you build your garage with insulation in mind? If not, then it’s time you do so. Proper insulation protects your garage from hazardous outdoor elements. And this in turn helps in maintaining a consistent temperature inside.

How To Select the Right Insulation

So, you have finally decided to insulate your garage walls? Well, there are quite numerous options you may want to consider:

Cotton-Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Affordable, efficient, and easy to install. These are features offered by this type of insulation. For added protection, consider walling up your garage with foam board or drywall, before installing cotton-fiberglass insulation.

Spray Insulation

Spray foam is commonly applied to open walls, as well as, ceilings. On the other hand, injection foam is well-suited to enclosed cavities. Although both options are quite expensive, they do eliminate most of the air passages present on your garage walls. In fact, they’re the best options for energy efficiency.

Blown-In Insulation

If you have already constructed drywall but it isn’t insulated, consider adding blown-in or cellulose insulation. Install it between the drywall and your garage’s structural foundation.

Pro Tips

If you have tried all the above tips and you are still paying huge energy bills, think about switching to a new supplier using Utility Bidder.

The Bottom-Line

Improving garage efficiency isn’t difficult. All you need is to start by purchasing a new, custom garage door. Then, insulate the garage walls and install energy-efficient lighting. Once you do that, you’ll be surprised to see how your energy bills will decrease.

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