Instagram for Business: 4 Ways to Grow Your Audience

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In your quest for more leads, Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing channels you can choose. In recent years the network has grown impressively, and today it counts on more than two billion users. So, it’s not a surprise that most businesses conclude that among those users there are thousands of people who can become their clients. But while it’s easy to start an account, growing it is something else. 

Knowing how to communicate with your followers and build a real community around your brand is a huge advantage for your company. However, to achieve this goal it’s necessary to learn how to attract users and captivate them with the content you offer. To help you do that we offer you four ways to grow your audience organically, and make the most of your Instagram business account

Instagram for Business

1. Prioritize Organic Growth

Many businesses, as well as influencers, think that buying packages of followers is a good way to grow their Instagram account. However, if this is what your business is relying on for Instagram growth, it’s best to start rethinking your strategy. You can be sure that when you obtain followers in such an inorganic way, you are simply inflating your numbers with inactive users, active users that aren’t interested in your content, fake users, and/or bots. 

On their own, numbers can only guarantee fake popularity. Follower numbers will grow but sales won’t. That being said, it’s also true that sometimes it’s a good idea to use growth tools. One example of an Instagram tool that can grow your number but in a way that will improve your results is Path Social. 

This is a growth agency that offers a targeting AI tool to help you reach the right people. However, according to this recent Path Social review, this agency that has been around for a decade aside from AI technology has a team of social media experts and a network of real Instagram influencers at their disposal.  

2. Identify Your Target Audience

It’s safe to assume that you already know who would be most interested in buying your business’ products or services. This is a great first step in identifying your Instagram target audience. While increasing your sales is your main goal, when it comes to Instagram, building a community should be more in your focus. So, aside from what you are selling, what’s important is your brand, what it stands for, your values, who you are.

These are some of the other things that may attract people to your content, provoke engagement, and ultimately contribute to your business’ success. Knowing your target audience, and their Instagram behavior, can help you improve your strategy – refine your content, improve your targeting, determine when it’s the best time to post, and so much more. And the better you get at all of this, the more followers you will attract. 

3. Use Instagram Ads

The only inorganic traffic you should attract to your Instagram profile should come from paid advertisements. While organic traffic is what everyone is striving for, ads can help you reach more people matching your ideal customer profile. Like other social media ads, Instagram ads allow targeting based on previously chosen traits, such as location, language, gender, age, or interest. 

 The trick is to create ads that will attract the audience you are trying to reach. For one, make sure that the images or videos you create will make people curious and inspire them.  If you use them right, ads can bring you a lot of real followers. However, there is no guarantee that it will work. So, keep in mind that an Instagram ad campaign is something that requires continuous monitoring, learning, and optimizing. 

4. Connect Instagram With Other Social Media 

 Instagram With Other Social Media

Even if your focus is exclusively on growing your Instagram, you should use other social media channels to increase brand awareness and attract followers. Having accounts across several platforms is a great practice used by many businesses. It allows you to increase your reach and be discovered by other users, as well as increase lead generation.

You can do this by connecting your Instagram account to accounts on other platforms such as Facebook or TikTok. You can also add links to other accounts you use in your Instagram bio, and vice versa – your Instagram URL in your “about” sections on other accounts. 

Final Words

Instagram can be the biggest ally of your business. If you incorporate it in your marketing strategy the right way, it will help you raise brand awareness, build a community, inspire loyalty. Using one or all of these methods can help you in your efforts to grow your audience, and improve your overall results on the platform, and outside of it. 

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