How Integrated Marketing Communications Can Change Your Business

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Integrated Marketing Communications

It is a new age of integrated marketing communications. Gone are the days when you could have one marketing department do their own thing and get away with it. Today, integrated marketing communications departments need to coordinate from top to bottom for them to work effectively. In this blog post, we will discuss how integrated marketing communications can change your business!

What is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)?

That’s a great question! Integrated marketing communications or IMC uses several disciplines to promote a product, service, person, or organization.

Why does IMC matter for your business?

IMC can help you grow your brand and increase sales, leads, and awareness in the marketplace. And what’s more, your business will benefit from IMC because it will be integrated, organized, and consistent. 

Who are the professionals that can help your business with integrated marketing communications? You should look for someone who has experience in all aspects of IMC. Consider marketers specializing in branding, public relations specialists, personal branders, government/political consultants, investor relations managers, or crisis response teams. 

What types of integrated marketing campaigns does my business need to succeed? There’s no “one size fits all” answer here because every company needs different solutions depending on their business goals.

If you want your business to have centralized communication at all levels, turn the PSTN Switch Off.

How to get started with IMC

The first step is to understand what integrated marketing communications are. Then you can work out how they will fit into your business. IMC covers many areas such as marketing, public relations, personal branding, investor relations, government relations, start-ups & entrepreneurs, social media, content, events, branding and design, crisis reaction & management.

The importance of a dominant social media presence

Being active on social media matters to your company or organization. If you are trying to reach a larger audience, social media can help get your message out there. Social media is also the platform used by news outlets and journalists looking for information about companies or organizations, so you must have an active presence on these channels. 

Whether you’re tweeting, participating in #hashtag chats or posting images on Instagram, integrated marketing communications include purposeful social media activities to support your business goals. Integrated marketing communications include today’s most popular digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

IMC requires high standards of branding throughout every touchpoint with your target market, whether online OR offline. These touchpoints provide the opportunity for your business to stand out against the competition and ultimately achieve strong brand awareness leading to better sales.

An effective integrated marketing communication strategy delivers across multiple channels like social media, digital ads, and content creation. The goal is to transmit a consistent message about your business or product/service offering. This helps build trust with your target market while also promoting top-of-mind recall of your company’s name or products/services being offered. A clear benefit for any business owner looking to improve their bottom line while staying on-trend.

What you need to do before launching an integrated marketing campaign

Here are some quick tips you should follow before launching into integrated marketing communications:

  • First, set clear goals for outcomes you want your integrated marketing communications to achieve.
  • Second, make sure all of the channels you plan on using are integrated. This will ensure that messaging stays consistent across platforms and enhances brand recognition among prospects and customers alike!
  • Finally, focus on creating high-quality content like videos or blog posts (and encourage your employees to do the same). It’s one of the best ways for people who find value in what you’re offering to become lifelong loyal fans and advocates of your company.

Integrated marketing communications is an effective strategy because it allows businesses to reach their target market through multiple media outlets. Also, it maintains a consistent message which builds trust with current clients/customers and creates potential new ones.

Leverage IMC in your business for success!

Integrated marketing communications is the only way to go. Use powerful but subtle branding and messaging to reach your target audience on a deep emotional level. They will know who you are and what makes you different from everyone else in their inbox or news feed. This means more sales for your business with less effort! Do yourself a favour and harness the power of IMC and take your marketing game to the next level by giving it power where it counts most – right in people’s hearts. Who knows? You might just be wondering why all of those other companies aren’t as successful as yours soon!

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