Is Rooting Worth It?

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Mobile users may have heard the term rooting in the past, for iPhones this was more commonly referred to as jailbreaking, and it provides users with a way to get premium apps for free or to have more control over the operating system on the device. It’s often used as a great way to access different app marketplaces which have a wider availability of gaming types like these casinos online which aren’t typically represented on the bigger app stores, but what needs to be considered when rooting a device, and is it worth it to do?

Is Rooting Worth

All warranties will be voided 

The first thing to know is that the second a device is rooted, any warranty it had will be immediately voided – now there are ways to hide the fact that a device has been rooted and restore it to its factory settings, but some manufacturers will have ways to detect this. On an older device, this isn’t really a problem, but on a brand-new device it is something that needs to be considered before making the change and not something that all users are aware of when following online guides that choose not to mention this.

Great for an OS flush 

Perhaps the biggest downside to the big flagship phones is that they often come packed full of bloatware – ever get a new Samsung device and see it packed full of the Samsung software as well as some other apps that will never get used but can’t be removed? Rooting a device can allow for a fresh install of a base operating system and flush out all of this bloat which can in time impact device performance, and if these apps are never going to be used particularly on an older device, this is the best way to improve device longevity and performance too. 

Great for exploring new app marketplaces, too 

As noted above, there are some apps that don’t get represented on the manufacturer’s app store for a whole variety of reasons, but rooted devices do give access to different app stores which tend to be open source and can grant access to a wider variety including some apps that lock premium features on the main app store but keep them open for rooted users – this can lead to some shady apps too, but for the most part common sense can lead users to great options too.

For those who know what they’re doing, there often are very few downsides to rooting a device, but care should always be taken and the consequences for doing so should always be measured beforehand, particularly as manufacturers look to combat this too.

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