How to Know if Your Internet Speed is Correct?

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Internet Speed is Correct


Is there anything more frustrating in this day and age than slow or laggy internet speed? With high-speed internet widely available now, there should be no reason to struggle through a spotty connection. So what should you do if you find that your internet speed is not up to par? If it is your home network that is acting up, you will definitely want to first check for any outages from your Internet Service Provider. 

On top of that, take a quick glance at your internet bill or Internet Service Provider account and confirm the speeds that you are paying for. Most ISPs will actually quote you an internet speed when in actuality it is anything up to that speed. If the connection is still unusable, then there are definitely a few different ways to test the connection, and it starts with the hardware you have in front of you! 

Imagine you have put on the latest movie for download. You come back after an hour and see that the poor internet speeds have just allowed 15% of the download to complete. This is why you always need to analyze internet speeds according to the requirements you have. A retired couple that just uses the internet to check their mails and pay bills will not use internet in the same way as a software developer or graphic designer that is working remotely. Not everyone will have the same expectations from their internet speeds. If you are someone that loves to download content from the internet, you can use pirate bay here.

One of the most common reasons for a lag in your internet speed is the connection itself. Are you using a WiFi signal? As advanced as our technology is getting, there are still countless things that can interfere with your wireless connection. First, an easy check is to see if your WiFi router is on a different floor. If the building you are in has concrete or thick flooring, the strongest signals may have difficulty passing through. 

Another factor that can affect a WiFi signal is other devices and connections. Does your neighbor’s WiFi signal interrupt yours? Perhaps you have other devices like baby monitors or even microwave ovens that could be disrupting the signal. One sure way to check if it is your wireless connection that is acting up is to plug your device directly into your modem with an ethernet hard-wire. This will provide the most accurate reading of your internet connection directly from your modem.

If you do not have direct access to the modem or router, then you can also run an online speed test. There are multiple different sites you can use for this, but the best-known ones are probably and All you need to do is open up your internet browser and navigate to one of these sites in your address bar. The rest is simple and straightforward! In fact, once you arrive at the site, you won’t have to do anything aside from starting the test and watching your speeds.

So how do these speed test sites work? Once you land on the page it will automatically start sending a signal to a nearby server, and measure how long it takes for it to return. Try the test a few times to make sure you are getting an accurate reading, and then compare it with your internet service provider to make sure you are receiving the right internet speeds that you are paying for. 

What if it’s your actual piece of hardware that is the problem? There is always a chance that it is your computer’s WiFi card that isn’t functioning properly. Other internal issues include an out-of-date driver or other software issues that could affect how your computer is receiving WiFi signals. If you are using a smartphone or a tablet, you may need to run an operating system update as well to ensure that everything is working properly.

There is an extremely simple fix for this: try another hardware device on that same network. If you have another computer handy you can plug the ethernet cable directly into that one to see if the same network issues continue. If you have a smartphone or tablet, then joining the WiFi network should be able to determine if it is a hardware or network issue. 

Testing your internet speed might seem like a chore, but the alternative is suffering through a choppy connection. If you want to have some fun with it, then iGaming is a good way to test your internet speed, one site you can test it on is Bet365. With the rising popularity of online gambling and sports betting, iGaming has become a common activity for many people to enjoy.

Why use Bet365 for this? Bet365 provides users with a long list of casino and iGaming options. From video slots to live casino games, Bet365 offers a wide range of game choices that will bring you the thrill of a casino without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! Plus, in our opinion, iGaming is an excellent way to have fun while testing your internet speeds. Since most of the games need a strong internet connection to run the visual graphics, it is definitely a viable way of determining your internet speed!

There is one last check you can perform when your internet speed is not up to par. With technology as advanced as it is these days, it is possible that there are just too many devices connected to the same network. It is not uncommon to have multiple smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, and even appliances all connected to the WiFi at the same time. While most network bandwidths should be able to handle these, things start to get a bit clogged up once one or two devices begin to stream or download large chunks of data. If that is the case, you may find that your network connection is getting throttled by the devices that are using up all of the bandwidth!

Whether you are working from home, streaming a movie, or enjoying an iGaming site, there are few things that are more frustrating than slow internet speeds. We have become so accustomed to having lightning-fast internet in the palm of our hands at all times, that a spotty connection is a foreign concept. Still, in this new age of communication where video chatting or FaceTiming is becoming the norm, our network bandwidth is getting overloaded the more we use them. Just keep in mind that if you do experience a slower internet speed, use the methods listed above to narrow down where the true problem is. 

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