Kuwait Job Vacancy

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Kuwait job vacancy

You can find a job in Asia in different ways – try to look for acquaintances in the right company (or make acquaintances), through recruiting agencies, or simply by contacting an ad. Regardless of which path is chosen, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions and familiarize yourself with some of the nuances.

Kuwait is a dynamic country, there is a constant and, moreover, a very high demand for highly qualified professionals. Most of the local population does not pay due attention to their qualifications, so foreign citizens are willingly hired here in 2021.

There is an opinion that work in Kuwait is only in the service sector – hotels, food outlets. However, recruiting companies employ people of different specialties – doctors, IT specialists, employees of the banking sector, oil and gas industry, insurance industry. The number of vacancies is also very, very difficult.

If you ask yourself whether it is possible to find a job, the answer will be yes, there is work in the country. But there can be certain difficulties with employment. First of all, they are connected with the fact that employment is practiced here taking into account the vastness – this is how the surety is called here. There are also certain difficulties for women – for example, a lonely girl who has arrived in the country runs the risk of becoming a participant in very unpleasant situations – threats of deportation, non-payment of wages, and much more.

You can search for a job both while in Kuwait and via the Internet. If you look for a job in advance, using the Internet, then there will be no special difficulties – interviews via Skype are common here, and you can prepare documents in your country. What exactly can a good employer offer:

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  • assistance in obtaining a three-year resident visa; 
  • payment of air tickets to the place of work; 
  • payment for accommodation in Kuwait; 
  • meals and travel to work; 
  • work uniform and its maintenance; 
  • medical insurance; 
  • guaranteed wages.

In Kuwait, doctors are needed the same as in the whole world – only the local population is not too eager to receive a complex and expensive education, and then work hard and hard, so the local authorities attract a large number of foreign doctors. Among them immigrants from Egypt, Russia, and India are in the lead. Kuwait is an Arab country, but at the same time it is very developed, it has a high standard of living, good technical equipment (including medicine), and a well-developed infrastructure.

Finding Kuwait job vacancy in the medical industry is possible, however, the employment process is not an easy one. Requirements: 

  • Knowledge of English at a conversational level. For safety, it is forbidden here, even with compatriots, to communicate in their native language (of course, during working hours). The paperwork begins only after the interview in English. 
  • Identity, education, qualifications, and any other documents must be translated into English. The documents must be certified by the consul. 
  • Usually, Russian doctors first work as assistants, this helps them to get imbued with the work process and study the features, then they begin to move up the career ladder. However, if a person has a scientific degree, then he can start right away from the position of a doctor, in which case the salary will be higher. 
  • Also, a locus agreement is widespread here – this is a specific employment in which a person receives a small salary, but at the same time the employer is engaged in all its support.

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